December 12, 2012

Honey. {Adult}


My honey

Like a moth to a flame Iʼm hypnotized

My tincture

Potent and irresistible

You tantalize

Strong and appealing

My tall drink of water

Put your hands on me

Kiss me

Kiss me again…

Your lips feel like fluffy marshmallows

Exquisitely quenching, wet and delicious

Lick me, my boudoir accoutrement

My cockhorse

Heavenʼs gift at my pillow

A most worthy offering

Lover, my own blue balloon

Let me touch you, stroke you all over

Trace your graceful ears, fleshy lobes

Tongue your warm neck, your belly, that itty bitty scar

I eat you all up, my plaything

I rollick in your flavors

I swill for essence like blackberry wine

Your finish, long and harmonious

Nectar, with a distinctive zest of you

Turn yourself over, my red rover

Slide and slither, writhe and wriggle

My honey

I caress you with soft fingers

Through your hair, your fine face

Your chest

Down your thighs

Hee hee…to your feet

And his little piggy beat the heat

And this little piggy took a seat


I smell soft lemon soap—on fire

Shiver me timbers

A sure remedy for the bland, you are

A dash of you here and a sprinkle of you there

Your artfully tattooed skin, my just deserts

Hmmm, where do I explore

The tiger, the sacred, or the koi

No fork, no knife, nor even a spoon

Gobble, gobble

Mouth, teeth and tongue, I dive in

My honey

You are in my sandbox

Come play, my puppy love

Want to cuddle you, nuzzle you, snuggle you

Taste me, night-watcher

Your sweet breath on my face, fairy dust gold

Shimmer and glimmer, you are all over me

Glorious, you teeter on my pedestal

Red-blooded and sensual

Substantial, earthy

From smoke comes fire, sweat

My honey

Poof, a magical hero

A smoky Adonis

I rubbed the lamp

The genie was you I wished, I wished, my lucky star

I feel you, my love

Enjoy the ride

Itʼs a long night




Yale Weinberger writes poems about love and its beautiful colors and flavors in sexual expression. She thinks anyone who has been in love and has had a craving or longing can relate to her words. Her words relate to the ultimate expression and the beauty of passion and appetite. With love, she hopes you enjoy her words and they reach your heart and all the right places.




Editor: Olivia Gray


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