December 5, 2012

Please don’t drink & drive.

“The guy who did this gets a maximum of ten years, my daughter gets a life sentence.”

We’ve just about all done it—and when we’re drunk we think “ah I can do it it’s a hassle to come back and get my car I’m fine I’ll be careful and go on side streets…”

But we have to remember: it affects others, just as often as it comes back to us.

With thanks for the tip to Reddit (read the comments here):

Dont Drink and Drive – The Victim’s Side of The Trauma

This is a small clip of a man speaking about his daughter who was a victim of a collision in which the other driver was drunk. i have decided to share this video because it is a topic that lies in the background; in the shadows. And i believe deserves some more light, and sincerity.

This is not me or my video, but I do have special permissions from the author that allow me to share this story with LiveLeak. I hope it made you think.

please keep the comments respectful folks.”

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Read 1 comment and reply

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