December 20, 2012

The One Thing You Must Remember During the Holidays. ~ Alisha Bull

Life is simple. We are the ones making it complicated.

I would say this holds true for the holidays as well. The holiday season can be as simple or complicated as we make it.

I just watched this video from Ted Talks. Wow. Brilliant. The concepts in the talk are particularly poignant for these current and upcoming weeks of various holidays. The speaker, Jon Jandie, is co-founder of Pun Pun, Center for Self-Reliance. I just love listening to him; his personality brings me back to my trip to Thailand where I was introduced to the most gracious Thai culture.

Jandie does a fantastic job at simplifying life by giving his life as an example of opting out of consumer mentality and getting back to what we need to survive (i.e., not the newest fashions or cutting edge computers). Most interesting, he made me stop and think about why, especially in America, we are working 40-80 hour weeks? According to him, we could work less, still meet our survival needs, and have more time to live.



During this holiday season, I am going to try to view everything through the lens of simplicity. I hope to remember the words and concepts of Jon Jandie when everyone is having a downright conniption fit that the sweet potatoes, green beans, biscuits and main dish are all done at the same time so as nothing gets cold; that all of the presents are wrapped, that everyone likes their gift, and that no one can operate their newly unwrapped smart devices. I also hope to soak up the precious time I get to spend with my family and friends that I do not regularly see during the year. Time is the simplest and, by far, best gift.


Alisha Bull practices daily ashtanga and loves all animals, especially  elephants and her four-legged son, Ember. Her favorite place is the beach (or library). She is a yogi, writer, knitter, teacher, student, dreamer, observer and listener.



Ed: Brianna B.

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