December 27, 2012

This Is the Beginning of a Better World. ~ Eric Eccles

In order to be the change in the world we must live our truth.

The coming year is the beginning of a generation of awareness in cultures, societies and nations around the world.

There’s a generation of consciously-aware human beings who are walking their talk through acts of self-sustainable, eco-friendly, tree-hugging, organic-eating, yoga-bending, meditation-practicing, tea-drinking, non-hippie activism. Help me spread the message of understanding, open-minded thinking, compassion and the absolute truth that needs to be said about the world today.

Below is the Earth prayer, a message that I am sending around the globe to stimulate a critical mass in the shift in conscious-awareness on the Earth. Please take a moment to read this prayer and pass it forward in any way that you can.

This is the beginning of a better world. Go to your court steps, parks, universities, public libraries or highest hill in your city or town and share this message of a better world—a world of equality, self-sustainability, awakening-kindness and unconditional love.

Find your own unique way to share this Earth prayer and post it to the Generation Awareness Facebook page, elephant journal or any other place you feel inspired to do so and let’s keep the momentum going all year. In order to be the change in the world we must live our truth.

This is a prayer for Mother Earth and all of humanity.

This is a prayer for all of my brothers and sisters of all colors, creeds and religions, from all nations of the Earth, that today we set aside our differences and come together in unity, love and compassion for one another and this beautiful planet we all share.

I pray that this be the day, this one day of remembrance for all of humanity to come together with respect to our Mother Earth and each individual soul that resides on her.

I pray that one day, this day, we go back to our homes, neighborhoods and communities with a message and an example of local sustainability as our responsibility to nurture this beautiful planet we share together.

I pray that one day, this day, we stand not as one nation under God, but as one planet under one infinite, God-consciousness with liberation, freedom and justice for all.

I pray that one day, this day, we the people of the world all stand together in unity to fight the inequality of governments and corporations throughout the world.

Mostly, I pray that one day, this day, we commit to become consciously-aware human beings that see the power of our individual examples in every moment of this life experience.

I pray that one day, this day, we begin to teach our children non-judgment, non-resistance, non-attachment, understanding, and forgiveness; that we teach our children the power of communication not just with others but first and foremost with themselves in order to stop the violence and turmoil that plagues the world in so many ways.

Most importantly, I pray that one day, this day, we teach our children how to manifest world peace through acts of love and compassion by following our own examples.

One day, one God, one love, this day.

Namaste and amen!

Eric Eccles a.k.a. C.A. Human is the author of “A Lifestyle Worth Living…,” Founder of GenerationAwareness.org, The E2mpower Yoga Project and Inventor, patent holder of the Namaste Bench Kit at NamasteBench.com. Eric is a 23 year veteran of the wellness industry, a certified Holistic Fitness Practitioner, Yoga Instructor RYT, Meditation Coach, Master P.T. and moon lights as a professional Fire Fighter/E.M.T every third day for 24 hours in his free time.



Ed: Amy Cushing

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