December 21, 2012

What if this truly was the End of the World? ~ Nichole Gould

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It’s the end of the world as we know it. (And I feel fine.)

It seems appropriate to quote R.E.M.

I mean,

If this was truly the end of the world…

Do you feel fulfilled?

Do you feel that you have created a legacy in your name?

Or does that it even matter?


Do you feel happy?

Do you feel content with your life?

Are you living your dreams?


I feel like something has ended….

And something new is beginning.

It is a shift in consciousness…

At least for me it is.


Don’t you feel that?

Not even a little bit?

How every moment up until now has seemed precious?

Even though the world has not ended,

Something has changed.

There is no denying that.


All of the rumors,

Beliefs and stories about the end of the world…

They have made you think differently.

Haven’t they?

They have made you question,

Even just a little….

“What if we did all die tomorrow?”

Or now?

Or the next day.

Would you die happy?


I know I would.

I have been doing my work.

Work you say?

What is that?

I have been living with more presence…

More consciousness…

More acceptance…

I have surrounded myself with the people I love,

And who love me.

The people that bring me closer to my true self.


I have changed my perspective.

It seems so simple….



The night before “the end of the world,”

I spent with friends creating memories.

Every moment was cherished.

We laughed.

We danced.

We sang.

Cookies were baked,

Nourishment was shared

(And more delicious than usual)

This must be consciousness, awareness and living in the N-O-W

We all ended the night feeling happy….



We all felt




We could be our true,

Authentic selves.


And I thought…..

If I died now,

Or tomorrow,

Or the next day

I would leave this world



Content and



Knowing that I gave

And received

With an open heart

And a smile on my face


It truly is as simple as that…

Life is simple and we,

As humans,

Make it difficult…

Don’t take yourself too seriously,

Or live without integrity,

Or work without passion.

Live in Love.

Life is Love

And love

Is all

You ever need.

Nichole Gould is founder of Barefoot Warrior Yoga in The White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves to practice yoga and share this with her community through teaching heart opening classes. A single mother and student of life she can often be found participating in any board sport, rock climbing, playing the guitar or working in her gardens. She is always willing to try something new because she believes life is too short to not take chances.  





Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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