January 11, 2013

And then there was one, none, no one. ~ Jen McKelvie

photo: Jen Mckelvie

Snapshots of Moving On.

Your beautiful knack for saying the most perfect thing has created lines in your voice that float
through my head
and remind me of my love for you.

“Nobody can out guess the future.”
~ H. Murakami

Yeah, I think we need to get some shit out in the open. Time to be real. Be honest. Let it all hang out and see where that gets us. ‘Cause I love you and this whole thing is/has been killing me and I think about you all the time and I think you’re for me and I’m for you, but I’m still pissed at you: you broke my heart, you made me cry…a lot… and I don’t want to tell you all of this, but I need to tell you all of this, for both of us it’s important that I tell you all of this…

So I tell him most of this.

… all moments are contented. When they are not, it’s because the mind has made a mess of them.”
~ Sylvia Boorstein

It’s over. I made it be over. I didn’t stop the freight train right in its tracks; I just jumped out, with my eyes wide open and my heart tightly closed.

 “Make sure the plane you’re on is bigger than your carry on baggage.”
~ Jay Z

Bed, the whole bed.

After every relationship of a certain level, where one gets used to, and comfortable with another’s presence, there is a period of mourning the warm body that used to be beside you.

But once it all sinks in and you realize it was just a warm body, and that those are not at all hard to come by, you recognize that it is a pleasure, gift, privilege to have nothing next to you.

“If someone is not good for your soul, give em love and let em go.”
~ Unknown

Enduring the cold so you can appreciate the warmth… is that the start to the story or the end?


Jen McKelvie lives and works on the island of Manhattan, the first place she has ever been happy to return to after time away. Her soul flies highest when she is wandering the streets laughing too loudly with best friends. She loves yoga, her dog and green juice.

You can connect with Jen @jenny_jump_up or here: jmckelvie.com.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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