January 22, 2013

Enlightenment like You’ve Never Seen It. ~ Gurunista Gayhle

You’ve never experienced enlightenment like this.

Gurunista Gayhle is a self-proclaimed master of all things yoga.

By sheer will she is ushering in a new era of the celebrity yogi. A hotshot mainstay in Mudlake, Idaho, she has her eye on the big time—even if that means her local community center.

Gurunista Gayhle is two parts enlightenment, two parts warrior and a dash of nirvana. Through her presence, prepare to have your consciousness unravel, sort of.


Diane Hudock is an LA based yoga teacher, mommy, actress, and writer.  She has been teaching yoga for over 16 years, leading retreats and events far and wide from Wanderlust-land to India. A consummate student, she is currently pursuing her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. For the record, she loves Intelligenisa decaf almond milk lattes, dark chocolate, fine wine, and a great joke.



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Ed: Brianna Bemel
Assistant Editor: Olga Feingold

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