February 13, 2013

A Guide to Becoming Organic Overnight. ~ Sarah AbdulRazak

It’s really that simple.

You’ll want become organic and grow green overnight after learning these things:

  • >> Chemicals in non-organic skin care and body products damage your skin and make it prone to long-term health effects. Avoid any products that contain ingredients that begin with methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, poly-, and any that contain “eth,” “oleth,” etc. Try Dr. Haushka, Eco or Burt’s Bees brand for a complete organic makeover.
  • >> Pesticides and genetically engineered food produce toxins in your digestive system and throughout your whole body. Buy veggies and protein sourced foods from your local farms (make sure they don’t treat them with pesticides: a quick screening will do the trick!). Go to your organic food stores, but opt for local over exported food. Toxic pollutants always find their way into travelling food, so it’s best to stick with food that is produced right next door… in your garden or city window boxes!
  • >> Thinking globally and acting locally are words of wisdom to carry with you as you, reduce, reuse and recycle! Reduce waste by either reusing or recycling your resources. If both options don’t work, nothing can get greener than starting a garage sale for cost-cutting eco-activists! Recycle plastic bags or just reuse them for the next gift to be wrapped. You’ve got a mall of stores in your home, ready to be reused. So get creative!
  • >> Trends in fashion aren’t exactly eco-friendly or ethical. But vintage is in, so get thrifty and hunt for sustainable clothing. Organic cotton, jute, silk, ramie and wool are all great choices. Aim to have your whole wardrobe be sustainable, but a few pieces is better than nothing. Popular designers like Nike, Banana Republic, H&M and Victoria’s Secret are already practicing organic, so why can’t you? Transforming the fashion industry begins with consumers!
  • >> The bed sheets that you have been sleeping on for years are a heaven for bed bugs to bite. Look for linens and mattresses made out of 100% organic cotton. IKEA is one of many good options, and a quick Google search will bring up quite a few more.
  • >> A yoga session, gym workout or other spiritual endeavor can flush out mental toxins that either come from air pollutants or a dispassionate populace.
  • >> Community education is the only way forward to an organic future. Get out into your communities, spearhead initiatives and partner with environmental groups to educate schools about healthy lunch trays and conscious lifestyle choices.
  • >> And don’t miss out on those tote bags! They are so handy, and can be used over and over again to carry just about anything.

Hello eco activist!


Sarah AbdulRazak is an award winning writer and visionary, who eagerly crossroads between the creative and intellectual. A global citizen and steward of the Earth, her life is a fusion of the literary arts and scholarship. Combining scholarship, arts and social advocacy has translated into her work as founder of Round Y, a millennial Think Tank, advocating east-west dialogue, sustainability and social justice in a time of cultural rebirth. She holds a BA in Culture and Society as well as English and World Literature.

Assistant Ed. Caroline Scherer


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