February 13, 2013

Evolve Your Valentine’s Day. ~ Wendy Keslick

Photo by Ahmed Elzway

It’s not just for one person–not just for one day.

Valentine’s Day is almost here; another celebrated day that has come to mean massive consumerism and higher levels of stress.

Less than two months after overspending during the holiday season, we keep hearing the never-ending mantra of the advertising industry—“buy more”—as they try to convince us that love is best expressed through material gifts.

Wouldn’t it be incredibly beneficial for society if we were to change the focus from the love of our lover on Valentine’s Day, to the love of all of humanity? Because really, that relationship, between each and everyone of us, beyond borders, religions, ethnicity, cultures, is not always very solid or love-filled.

“Every day is just perfect for love.” ~ Rumi

Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with the compassion that resides inside of you and share it with others.

Make meaningful connections in your own community or maybe half way around the world. It doesn’t matter where—bridges of understanding and love need to be built everywhere. Let go of the limited view “here” and “there” being separate and detached. That is just a mere illusion; the reality is that we are all here, sharing this same planet that we all call home.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, commit to living each day with an open heart.

What does it really mean to live with an open heart?

You become open to the many kinds of love that surround you every day. You embrace it. You live for it. You let love flow through you as freely as the air that you breath, giving and receiving this endless supply of what is truly the essence that unites everything in this universe.

To me, living with an open heart enables us to be givers and receivers of a more challenging and more limitless love than that of simply loving your lover. It is a love not bound by attachment. Many times, it is the rolling up of your sleeves-ass kicking-get-in-the-game-of-life-won’t-stop-for-anything-because-I-am-shining-my-light-in-this-world–damn-it kind of love.

Living with an open heart does come with risk; you are going to feel things deeper—much deeper—than those who go through their lives shoulders hunched forward, heads staring toward the ground.

For with open-heartedness comes awareness, compassion, empathy and connectedness. You allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is what you are signing up for when you stand tall, chest open, allowing your love to radiate.

You become so well aware of the oneness that unites all of humanity. You cannot hear of a tragedy that happens anywhere in the world and not feel it. You know how true the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,” rings true because you feel it in the core of your being.

Luckily, that is balanced with almost a hyper-sensitivity to feel all that is good in the world, too. From the most noble act of loving kindness to the most simple. You are open to feeling it all and that leads to feelings of so much gratitude and joy.

I chose to accept the risks involved with living with an open heart, because to me that is what it truly means to live.

There are risks to living with a closed heart, too—emotionally shutting down, feelings of being isolated and disconnected from the people and world around you.

“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.” ~ Deepak Chopra

So open up! Feel the joys and sorrow, the highs and lows, surely, this is what it means to live wholly.


Wendy Keslick is a massage therapist and after practicing yoga for over 12 years she has finally enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Her spiritual journey includes yoga, her devotion to Rosicrucian AMORC studies and being part of the conversation of our evolving humanity.  Borderline obsessions include organic and natural living, vegetarianism and veganism, social justice issues, documentaries and current events.  She is determined to learn Arabic in this lifetime. Her daughter, international travel, exploring other cultures and green smoothies are her passions.

She also founded a nonprofit called Children Creating Bridges.  Volunteering for this organization has taken her to Syria to be part of three medical delegations to help with the Iraqi refugee crisis.  Follow her on Facebook.


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