February 27, 2013

Green is Free: 15 Creative things to do with Pallets. {Photos}

Green can be expensive. It can also be free.

I love…the idea of this. You’d have to sand the hell out of it, and pallets are often toxicly finish, so pick some old ones or some non-toxic ones. And as for the painting, how’d they do that?




And, daybed:


Again, I’d be worried about splinters and toxic finish, but:


Pallet easel: now this I dig. Easels are gonna get messed up anyways with paint, so, perfect application:


Love (this would also be great for office waiting rooms: magazines, coffee table books):

Source: littlesabine.com via Kim on Pinterest


This I like more than a bed…you won’t be touching it, much:


Love the wine holder:

Source: imgfave.com via Monic’ on Pinterest


Pallet swing: particularly if outside, exposed to the elements, a pallet swing seems perfect (my nice swings outside are getting slowly ruined by the elements, pallets are built to withstand punishment):


Another great outdoor use:


Pallet bench: (click-through for DIY instructions):

Source: recyclart.org via Emilee on Pinterest


Outdoor furniture, generally:

Source: vtwonen.nl via Sare on Pinterest

Kinda bulky, but love this:


Brilliant, simple, roughly elegant:


Pallet child’s house:


Walk-in closet, shelving:


Pallet bike trailer? I’d love to try this for my dog and bike.


Again, perfect application: potting benches are gonna get muddied and watered up, anyways:


Click for instructions:

Source: onswipe.com via Cecilee on Pinterest


Path through boggy wet forest:


Some general tips:

Source: visual.ly via Toni on Pinterest


This seems kinda arty, water-intensive, and I’d question food grown in pallets…but each to her own:

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