February 19, 2013

The Riddle of Life That Frees the Soul. ~ Mehdi René

A riddle is with me wherever I go.

There is no loneliness. We sleep, wake and live in stride; from closeness we clash and at times we laugh.

When I’m with others, I’m hardly there, my mind incessantly searching for clues, to find an answer and move on in the world.

Yet, it’s the sole company I prefer; the company that most suits, stimulates and calls to be heard with utmost persuasion.

I’m grateful, as without my riddle, life is destined to not be fully lived. Instead to be droned, sucked of essential qualities of existence.

And why? Because I shied from the sheer fortitude of warranted temperament?

Dancing to a tune I don’t enjoy would require far greater mettle—I will not shy from avoiding that.

I take full responsibility.

It’s been years now, it seems, since the riddle joined me, setting up its space in my mind. It was supposed to be temporary, yet time passes. Progress seems perpetually tangible, yet a breakthrough remains distant. As we float, I can’t tell if what I see is land, blurred in the distance.

I’ve had many hypotheses and tested through trial and error—in the end, they are fleeting. If they are part of the answer, I will only know in hindsight.

Devilish conundrum, the riddle is.

No matter where I am or what I do, the riddle rides at side—it draws my attention from others, from life, by at the same time directs it to fuller experience.

If I die in search of a solution, I will have lived a meaningful life.

The risks of not persevering are mountainous to those of ten thousand failed attempts, for every wrong step leads me closer to finding the path.

Solitude is ideal, for one can only surface what lays a diamond in the rough by braving the silence in which self speaks. And when it speaks, loneliness fleets.

While conformers scorn in attempts to coerce, friends, supporters, mentors and engagement most aptly aid only once ones words mirror their internal self.

Autonomy becomes automatic, while the riddle rests incomplete.

For every human has to figure out who they are and how that can apply themselves into the world of greater good before the internal, independent soul can joyously create, act, share and serve amongst the bounties of eternal righteousness.

So I live each day in conscious quest, yet sure not to rush and fret, a strategy of patient zest.

The riddle will live forever by my side. Even when we find the answer, the riddle evolves and grows with us as we forever change.

It’s one of the greatest gifts in life to be granted a riddle and certainly not to be ignored.

If you or anyone you know may resonate with or benefit from these words, let these words offer a clue toward liberation.


Mehdi René lives and works in the spirit of liberating from convention and living with extraordinary intention. He hopes to help people do just this and build a community of free-willed sensible people looking to better their lives and better the world. He believes the good life is a matter of mind and open to everyone. You can find out more and get a taste of what it’s all about at Mind the Good Life and connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.



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