March 22, 2013

5 Ways to Grow Your Yoga Class!

Yoga is still growing in America, spurred by the growth in yoga conferences and studios.

The number of yoga teacher trainings going on is creating a problem we love—too many yoga teachers! As these teachers graduate and step into their roles as leaders and teachers it is only natural they open a yoga studio.

I continue to believe that our mutual goal is more people doing more yoga. That said, it is critical yoga teachers become masters at marketing their yoga classes. Check out these tips and share them with your favorite yoga teachers.

Five Ways to Grow Your Yoga Class

1. Facebook.

Yeah, you knew that was coming. Start by sharing inspirational images and quotes, but this should be a small part of your activity. You must be real; sharing your life and your honesty will create inspiration and connection. The simple check-in at the bar or picture of your vegan tacos reminds us that you are human and empowers us to connect to you. Sharing the picture of what you see is incredibly normal and awesome. Most important, start commenting and liking your friends content, especially your students and fellow teachers. This is how you stay in the newsfeed and remind people you exist. Check-in at the studio and share the intention for your class, this not only adds power to that intention it gives you a voice as a teacher. Last but not least, move beyond simply sharing your schedule. Give us teasers about what you are teaching and remember that everywhere you go you are a teacher, even on Facebook!

2. Get cards.

If your studio doesn’t provide you with business cards, spend $35 and print them yourself. These cards should have your schedule on the back. Use this opportunity to put a quote or a picture you like on the card. You want this to be something that you want to give out and something that people will want to have. What else should be on your card? Your LinkedIn address and other social contact information. Make it easy to reach you and get in your network. Hand these cards out everywhere, especially to your students and encourage them to give them to a friend.

3. Connect to your students on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Your students are not all on Facebook, as crazy as that seems. A lot are on LinkedIn, every time you connect to them you are reminding them that you exist and giving them a gentle nudge to come to your class. Don’t just have a profile on LinkedIn, fill it out fully. This makes it easier for people to connect with you and see you as the amazing person you are. You have to let yourself shine. Acknowledge the value you bring to the world with the power of your connection. Now connect with your community! Post weekly or daily status updates on LinkedIn, remember to like and comment on other status updates on LinkedIn as well. Last but not least, participate in discussions in various groups, especially local ones. You create the opportunity for someone to want to take your class!

4. Make plans with the people in your community.

You have to get together in the real world and see people face to face. Don’t worry, you will all still be wearing yoga clothes! Seriously, your community lives life fully. You must stay social and active with meetings for tea, a trip to whole foods to shop with a friend or simply a yoga date. This is time for you to really connect with people and be a resource and friend. These are the people who are going to come to your class and bring a friend.
Practice. It is that simple. You have to show up on your mat as much as possible. You are the community. People want to know you sweat like them, push yourself to the edge like them, fall out of the occasional pose and are a student. It is not enough to be a teacher, you must remain a student. This is one of the greatest challenges of being a teacher, if you overcome it you will thrive as will your classes!

5. If you want your class sizes to bloom, you must be willing to take a risk and expand your marketing efforts.

And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.” ~ Anais Nin.

In my first yoga teacher training with Tami Schneider at Cleveland Yoga, Tami encouraged us to share what we love—yoga. She told us how she always carried a stack of cards in her bag and gave them out at Heinens, the local grocery store, when she would run into friends. If you ignore all of the tips above, know that you have to hit the street and invite people to your class. Your invitation will change someone’s life, the same way yoga has changed yours.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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