March 29, 2013

How the Hell Do I Figure out the “Right Thing to Do”?

How in the hell do I figure out the “right thing to do?”

How many times have you asked yourself this question when faced with a major decision?

Every decision is impactful in some form or another.

In the case of YouTube entertainer—Jenna Marbles—buying a MacBook computer and learning how to edit digital media was one of the major precursors to her current fame. One choice can make all the difference or a series of choices can set a whole cascade of causality in motion.

As a result, life can either be lived from a place where risks are traded for conclusions or as a grand experiment where beliefs are only theories. In fact, a spectrum of experience is needed to sustain life. And doing the right thing has everything to do with evaluating the moment as honestly as possible.

The bitch of it is that emotions both inform our decisions and cloud our judgment. In other words, feelings of desire act like gravity and feelings of aversion result in avoidance. The beauty of being human is that your behaviors will always reveal to you what your heart truly wants. In other words, where your attention goes, energy flows.

The trick of it is getting your mind to coalesce. All too often, what is right is paired with what “should be done.” And should is a construct of the mind.

I view should as an encasement and a way to collapse the vast mystery of life. Ask yourself, “Who am I pleasing living the life I should? Am I afraid that if I’m not right I will be left behind? How has should served you?”

Because, upon examination, the right path and the right path for you are two totally different things.

The differentiating factor between the two is sensation. Before your mind forever makes up a stories about reality, your body will have already changed temperature, have become aroused, or have depressed stimuli.

Transform your life by noticing the wisdom of your sensory experience. Make choices from this place.

Sensory choices can look like taking a job that pays less because you are aware that your enjoyment is worth so much more than anyone can pay you for your time—surrendering your time to be a loved one’s care taker, losing weight because you want to be healthy and not just for vanity sake, and breathing breaths that are laced with all the facets of being truly alive. That, my friend, is how you make a right choice.

Find the fire in your chest. Let it build into until you are salty, riled up, and ready for the next round. And when passion strikes, move! The fact is, that when you review your legacy, no matter if it is just beginning or coming to a close, you won’t remember paychecks rendered as much as you will revel in the joy of living your right path.

This is your one life. Honor it. And honor those who cross your path with total devotion to the brilliance that is your spirit.

Lastly, thank you for showing up, asking the tough questions, pounding the pavement, living your dream, and defying the myth of certainty with the potency of living your truth. Keep inspiring the world with your story.



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