March 15, 2013

Seeing Beyond the Veil. ~ Denise Fortin

A Lesson in Receiving.

Dreaming is a beautiful release for our minds and even our bodies. When our minds are allowed to expand beyond the confines of everyday thought, completely unencumbered, we can receive beneficial messages to assist us in our daily life. We spend only 20 percent of our sleep time in REM, which is very remarkable as there are times when we sleep for very short periods and experience what feels like hours of dream time.

So, in a sense (a very real sense) our dream time exists outside of time and space!

Most of the people I speak with about dreams say to me one of two things, “I don’t remember my dreams,” or “My dreams are just a way for my mind to get rid of whatever I was thinking about during the duration of my day, nothing more.” Very few will actually acknowledge their dreams as powerful tools for transformation, through no fault of their own. In fact, so many of us are programmed to believe this at a very young age by our Western Culture.

Our ancestors believed in the power of dreams. Indigenous cultures in Australia for example called it “Dreamtime” or “Tjukrrpapa” honoring the messages as much valued communication from spirit.

I have worked with my dreams for many years. They have assisted me in personal growth in so many ways, sometimes even warning me of potential danger. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I could not recall my dreams, a large part of me going unnoticed, unheard.

It is my sincerest desire to show you, beautiful readers, a way to utilize your sleep time to its fullest. It’s a remarkably simple thing to do, and it starts with intention.

Before you go to sleep at night, it is wise to take an hour just for you, to expand into a state of peace. This will give you space to speak to your higher self about what you’d like to work through in dream time. You can start with your usual routine of winding down, no newscasts or dark media which could disturb you, try to avoid using the computer directly before bed if possible.


So beginning with intention, make a request. If for example you are struggling with your work situation, you could say to your higher self, “It is my intention in dream time to see a possible solution to this issue, please make it clear, understandable and, most importantly, assist me in remembering only what is applicable to the situation, thank you.”

Then, as you lie back in your bed, take three deep breaths with a count of four for the inhale, hold for two, then exhale for four. If you experience any initial difficulties it is wonderful to say, “It is safe for me to sleep, I am safe.” I love using “So Hum” as way to enter into dream time peacefully.

You may find yourself waking at odd hours with a powerful sequence having occurred. This is the perfect time to write things down, so you aren’t focusing so heavily on remembering what went on that you cannot fall back asleep! Or sometimes you may find that you have been rudely awakened in the middle of a powerful message unfolding, fret not, you can ask spirit to assist you in returning for resolution.

The other night this happened to me. I was in the midst of a very cool visit with someone, and I randomly woke up! I was telling this person about a dream within a dream (very neat when this happens!). Well it was simply too important to just leave them hanging, so I requested to go back and resolve it. And guess what? I did! To that exact spot!

This example of returning for resolution is just one of many, and though it may take your psyche time to create this ability, (for some no time at all), it is well worth cultivating.

Meeting Your Guides in Dream Time

Using your dream time to meet with your guides is another fantastic way for you to make very real and lasting connections to spirit. My personal experience with this is nothing short of incredible; I’ve seen a Native Medicine woman, an Indian Guru, even Incan Deities.

When your heart is open to receiving, love flows effortlessly to you, as it is you.

We are so blessed to have a plethora of spiritual helpers, and though you certainly have one special guide who is always with you, many others will enter into your life along your journey.

So very simple as before, state your intention to meet your guide saying whatever comes naturally to you. Or, you can use this simple phrase, “It is my intention to meet with my Guide, whoever that may be at this time, and to receive their message trusting that it is exactly what I need to hear at this time, thank you.”

Upon waking, it is wise to write down your experience. Acknowledge the truth behind your dream world, that it is every bit as real as your waking time. The very fact that you spend as much as a third of your day sleeping should serve as an indicator to the importance of this precious time.

May you experience great lessons from each sleep journey you take, for each one will vary, endless possibilities for personal growth.


Denise Fortin:  A Mother, Healer, Yogini, and Artist.  Most of all a spirit experiencing what it is to be human!  It is with great joy that I write to serve my fellow human, to share the many tools I utilize in my own life and practice. My website is otherworldlystudios.weebly.com.

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