April 23, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 4.22.

This week we have multiple events occurring: the full moon happens April 25th in Libra at 14:57, while in Swati nakshatra, ruled by Vayu, the wind god and the current location of Saturn.

This full moon brings a partial lunar eclipse as well. It is also Hanuman Jayanti—Hanuman’s birthday.

In the Vedic tradition, eclipses are delicate times and also spiritual times. Meditate, eat light, and stay out of the eclipse if possible on the 25th. It is advised that nothing new is started in the time between a lunar and solar eclipse. The annual solar eclipse happens May 10th, so finish up loose ends in the next two days or wait a few weeks to start big projects.

Moon transits Virgo, Libra, Scorpio (debilitated 26th-28th) and into Sagittarius this week. Mercury moves from its sign of debilitation (Pisces) and crosses the delicate gandanta passage into Aries on April 28th. It will be Sandhi (in the gap) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Careful with communication, mental distraction and overall exhaustion right now.

Best to lay low this weekend and meditate, rest, recuperate. Mercury’s transit will put five planets in Aries for the next several weeks with drishti from Saturn and Rahu. Be mindful with the Self, ego, relationships, anger, heat, explosions, vehicles and driving, accidents, communication in general. Sudden changes are likely.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Aries: The power, heat and intensity of your first house (the house of Self) gains strength and momentum. Be mindful of digestion this week, eat light and listen to what your gut is telling you. Your courage may be weak, step lightly and carefully. Make sure you are making decisions and taking action from a conscious place rather than a rash, angry or egoic autopilot. Especially be mindful of relationships and how you treat “others”. Take time for meditation, retreat, transformation, knowledge and wisdom towards the end of the week. Recharge your batteries from the inside out this weekend—it’s too easy to function on autopilot right now so don’t over do it or you’ll burn your self out.

Taurus: The need for alone time, meditation retreats and focusing on enlightenment and liberation is intensifying. Perhaps some new information, resources and support are coming to you. You may also have an increased zeal for marriage contracts. Don’t rush anything. Watch for losses, digestive problems (emotionally based). Make decisions only after meditation and alone time. Now is the time to really do the laundry and wash your bedding. You will need a stain stick with extra stain-fighting abilities as you “make your new bed and then lie in it”. Relationships are asking you to do some necessary “self work” in order to heal, transform and liberate. You can work from bed, but don’t be lazy.

Gemini: Your focus on monetary income is at an all time high and likely you are seeing results. Money and the energy of abundance is supercharged and gaining momentum. What will you do with this new income and resources and how will you intelligently invest in your life, growth and expansion of self? Friends and passionate relationships are heating up. Is this more of the same? Is this a distraction from the necessary changes, the inevitable transformations that must take place for you life to move forward? Listen to your gut instincts and reactions. Quit playing games and tricking your self.

Cancer: Your career path is fully charged, motivated and also exasperating. Your courage picks up due to new awareness and mental acuity in the coming weeks—you might surprise yourself. Emotionally, there may be struggles, sensitivity, depression, anger. Relationships are causing issues and may be a point of strain. What are you learning here and how can you gain some knowledge and insights? How are you digesting this awareness? It is crucial right now to get embodied—use the physical body to make alchemical adjustments with the emotional body. Notice if you can handle relationships with more ease as a result.

Leo: This continues to be a time of great awakening and growth for you. Knowledge, mental focus and new wisdom gains strength in the coming weeks. How are you directing this energy? Are you aware of the blessings showing up and how they are creating a catalyst for life change/self change/dharmic refinement? Transformations are abundant, though they may not all be entirely comfortable for you. As a Leo, you are used to living the metaphor “play big or go home!” So don’t act surprised by the combustible exchanges with your ego. Let your soul shine—from the inside out.

Virgo: The portal to your past is fully activated. What are you letting in? What is coming to you? Are you being intentional with these insights or lazy? Transformations are inevitable right now and may take spiritual courage to traverse. There is much to be gained here, though it will take surrendering to deep vulnerabilities. Trusting in this process of change will be essential as well as looking into shadows and the dark corners of the mind and soul. Discomfort and emotional sensitivity are likely. Make sure your digestion is clear and unblocked—use Ayurvedic remedies for any constipation or bowel issues. Health calamities are likely emotionally based. Doing your emotional homework is essential for healing.

Libra: Your house of “other” and relationships continues to get your full focus and begins to intensify with the Mercury transit this week. Some new awareness may come to you but likely there will be friction attached to the realization. Be mindful of digestion, sexual organs and how you are finding comfort. There is a tendency to indulge in alcohol and mind altering substances which will not help your self realization, but keep you from gaining necessary awareness. Purge the old habits. Look to others for help, support and assistance. Ask for guidance and support if necessary. Be cautious driving.

Scorpio: The sixth house is gaining your extreme focus and attention right now. Digestion, healing, workers/servants/pets, enemies, legal issues, health, debts and relationships are your current focus as they connect to career, courage, creativity, transformation, “others”, business, comfort, self and support. You are likely feeling the confusion and vacillation between needing solitary confinement and alone time, with the strong desire for relationships, new support teams and the comforts of long term partnerships. The restructuring continues on all these fronts. Listen to your gut and be gentle with your belly. Avoid spicy, acidic, fermented, rajasic foods, as well as excess sweets. Get a grip on bad habits. Try to get some sleep.

Sagittarius: Your intelligence, gain of knowledge, ability to make decisions and your children, passion, creativity as well as past life credit (purva punya) are on overdrive, and moving full steam ahead. What direction are they taking you in? Are you consciously behind the wheel or driving around aimlessly? Your digestion is directly connected to your expansion. Are you listening to it and letting your gut function smoothly? Avoid heavy foods and exercise so that the mental body isn’t running the show. Take time this weekend for meditation, consciousness raising activities and an inward focus. Look for sparks and new insights.

Capricorn: Heart, home, mother, land, vehicles/transportation and happiness are intensifying. What is the rub? I think of the metaphor of how diamonds are made—the intense pressure of the earth, heat plus time, eventually turn a lump of coal into a most sought after precious object. You are indeed in your diamond phase right now gaining new awareness, albeit excruciating at times. It is taking courage, bravery, self trust and empowerment, creative drive and trust in your dharma in order to get the job done. Take care of your emotions and don’t push too hard. The over working is really just a by-passing tool. Right now, slow and steady is best. Sit in the soup and sip slowly.

Aquarius: Let every irritation polish your mirror, refine your senses, sharpen your blade. Let the increased turmoil with dharma, father/guru, higher knowledge, relationships and the like be a catalyst for your ever increasing Self awareness and mind expansion. Let the shadows teach you what it means to have integrity. Be emotionally aware. It’s especially important to digest emotions right now—getting physical and embodied is very important. Don’t let anything stagnate within. Use creativity, artistry, courage and personal power to progress with relationships, the ego, emotions, career and inner transformations.

Pisces: Strong discomforts and irritations are likely—perhaps with family members or early childhood memories. See this as refinement, but use the discomfort for gain and self realization. Some may be receiving monetary gifts, increased wealth and eating in excess—watch your reactions and take notes. This is a good time to sing, communicate and let your voice be heard. What is the song you are singing and how is it received? There are past life storms blowing in your life right now. How are they effecting relationships, creativity, emotions, intelligence, heart, home, communication and comfort? What are these themes from the past telling you? Be present to their offerings. Transformations, vulnerabilities and changes are inevitable here. Which way are the winds blowing you? Batten down the hatches and trust your Self.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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