April 30, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 4.29.

Moon is waning and transits Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and into Pisces.

Aries is packed with five planets occupying this fiery sign and getting direct aspects from Rahu and Saturn. Saturn is still exalted and retrograde, deeming it debilitated in its expression. Mars, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Venus remain in Aries until Venus moves to its own sign of Taurus on Saturday (5.4) at 13:39 p.m. where it joins Jupiter. Aries, however, continues to be a hot topic, quite literally.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Use this time for courageously working on health, organization, healing and client development. Focus your efforts on the Self, though relationships and “others” may be demanding your attention and focus. Comforts and security come to the forefront at the end of the week and this theme carries you through to the end of the month. Your week is consumed by higher learning, career and gains. Use the weekend for rest and relaxation.

Taurus: Your keywords are still liberation and deep surrender. Be courageous and bold with your commitment to Moksha and spiritual development as well as healing and the physical body—especially digestion. Increased creativity, passion and comfort will begin to emerge late in the week and will help uplift the month ahead for you. Mind your intelligence though and the vulnerabilities still afoot. You are still in a rest period on many levels.

Gemini: Gains are inevitable and likely there is new mental focus occurring for you now, but it’s unlikely to be helpful for your career just yet. Relationships and friendships are proving to be a tool of growth and self development, though the tumult on some levels may be taking its toll. Be mindful of intoxicants and mind altering substances- bad habits are too tempting right now. The smart thing to do would be use this time for deep sadhana, meditation and transformation through the spiritual. Choose wisely.

Cancer: Your tenth house of career is on fire still, though likely to be producing confusion about direction and focus perhaps. Gains from friends are likely as well as new romantic interests in the coming weeks. For now, the heart and home as well as mother and emotions still demand attention. This week puts relationships connected to your career at the forefront, as well as health, healing and transformations. Take time for meditation to calm you nerves and settle the emotional storms.

Leo: Courageous navigation of your actions is paramount. But do so with extreme commitment to Self-mastery and higher awareness. Mentally you are transforming, learning and growing, though it comes with some emotional highs and lows. Look for sparks of insight and dharma. Be kind to your teachers and give gratitude. Your career is about to get new creative momentum. Explore and expand. This week knowledge, relationships and transformations are key.

Virgo: Feelings of comfort and support are still central to your experience—especially as this relates to your relationships. There is a lot coming to you from the past—past lives as well as early childhood. Use courage and inner power to weather the storm. Trust that this is a time of deep transformation and forced surrender. There will be a lift for you this month and new growth, insights and knowledge. Don’t get lazy just because things are “going well” for a while. This week the healing and growth continues. Relationships are the focus of the weekend.

Libra: Five planets sit in your seventh house of relationships, how are you managing “others” and what does this mean for your personal development? Though discomfort may reign supreme right now, you can use this awareness to gain intelligence. Don’t slack off. Avoid intoxicants and excess sugar—especially towards the end of the week, though this theme will carry through until the end of May. Vulnerabilities increase with relationships and personal development, as well as with health and healing. Get it into gear and get clear on the ways of Saturn and what he wants from you. He’ll give enlightenment in exchange for your surrender to structure, discipline and commitment to your spiritual development.

Scorpio: Your focus is still centered on healing and digestion as well as enemies, workers, servants and pets. Energy is directed towards the Self as well as career, transformations, emotions and soon new relationships—both business and personal. There will be expansions and gains likely. Be courageous this week and attend to the heart, home and matters of wealth and money. Be open to new insights and possibilities but be mindful of this time of vulnerability as well.

Sagittarius: Intelligence and awareness is increasing for you on multiple levels. How will you use this new insight? You are due for a complete overhaul and right now health is taking center stage. Direct your focus on making smart decisions, ones that are sustainable and have positive lasting impact. It will be especially important this month to mind your digestion, not overeat and not consume too much sugar, alcohol, etc. Bad habits will be extra tempting. Be aware of your eating habits and how they are intimately connected to your emotional habits.

Capricorn: New intelligence and creativity is seeping in that may help your career momentum. You may also be meeting the right person/people in order to do so. Friends will continue to prove useful perhaps. Emotionally, you are still feeling intensity. Your ego is going through transformations and learning to digest the mental fluctuations right now is crucial learning material for you. Hint: your mental body is directly connected to your emotional body and vice versa.

Aquarius: This week brings into focus your self in relation to the “other” which seems to be a general theme for you right now. You are still navigating a very spiritual time where growth and development are heightened. This month will increase the emotional focus—especially those emotions that connect to comfort and security. You may find a correlation to mother and early childhood experiences just under the surface. Pay attention and be courageous with your actions and momentum.

Pisces: Your efforts are focused on wealth, comforts and acquiring sustenance. What are you putting in your mouth? What are you digesting and eliminating? Your gut is possibly heated, so paying attention to what types and kinds of nourishment is crucial for you. Outer and inner are deeply intertwined. There are likely issues coming up from the past—noticing any patterns here? Some of them will be related to your ancestral lineage, others are connected to your shadow work. This month will bring more creativity and passionate courage—direct it towards your relationships and self-awareness. Themes for the week include action steps with career and a focus on gains and liberation.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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