April 11, 2013

Monsanto: the most Evil Company in the Universe. {Here’s Why}


Update: Editor’s Update 3/25/15: Not only can GMOs cause gluten intolerance, but according to a recent article by Mark Bittman, they may also kill us. “This past week the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide Roundup, probably causes cancer in humans. Two insecticides, malathion and diazinon, were also classified as “probable” carcinogens by the agency, a respected arm of the World Health Organization.” Shouldn’t we, as consumers, have the right to know what we’re eating?


Update: “GMO wheat not approved for sale in US yet GMO wheat found by a farmer in his Oregon field.” (npr.org)

Update: Genetically modified wheat that can’t be killed – even by Roundup – has escaped from Monsanto’s labs, threatening the world’s largest grain producer (bloomberg.com)

Update: “Farmer Sued by Monsanto for Planting Seeds.”

Update: “Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from food supply.” (gmwatch.org)

Cargill? Halliburton? Bechtel? De Beers? There’s some stiff competition for worst company in the world. But Monsanto has got to take the cake.

Check their list of accomplishments:

Click here for the Top 10 Reasons even Brave & Rational Humans Hate & Fear Monsanto.

DDT? PCBs? The Atom Bomb & Nuclear Weapons? Polystyrene plastic waste? Dioxin? Agent Orange? Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)? GMOs? You name it.

Click here for 12 Horrible Things Monsanto has created.

And that’s not to mention: Nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995 after being driven into insurmountable debt by neoliberal economics and the conquest of Indian farmland by Monsanto’s Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton.

Or: Monsanto drags over 400 U.S. farmers to court over GM seed patents: When will Big Ag’s corrupt reign end?


BTW: behind Monsanto, Coke and Pepsi were two of the largest forces opposing Prop 37 in California:

But that’s not all! Monsanto has not only been eliminating organic seeds, and putting seed-keepers out of business (see Food, Inc.) but they’ve been buying up seed companies. We’re down to 10% of what we had only a decade or so ago—down to 10% of, you know, seeds, or, you know: food.

Not convinced? “Recent compelling GMO study shows that rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto’s corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller Roundup suffered tumors and multiple organ damage.”

Or: “Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm.”

Or: Fort McClellan: “Monsanto processed the now-banned industrial coolants known as PCBs at a local factory, they routinely discharged toxic waste, dumped millions of pounds of PCBs, different kinds of dioxins and herbicides, including the infamous Agent Orange into local rivers.” (veteransunited.com)


Monsanto Companies: Do Not Buy.”

The below list is made up not, of course, by “Monsanto Companies,” but rather companies that are thought to use Monsanto products.

“Finally! A straight-up list to help us avoid Monsanto brands! Get out your highlighters! Learn more: http://www.sproutsanfrancisco.com/get-educated/monsanto-boycott-list-explained/ “

And remember: “DuPont, Syngenta, and Bayer, among others, produce GM crops and have nearly identical business models to Monsanto in terms of their intellectual property and marketing.”

But let’s end on a happier note. The tide can turn: “Soybean Farmer Takes Monsanto to Supreme Court – A single 75-year-old Indiana soybean farmer in rural southwestern Indiana is taking on the multibillion dollar agricultural giant over the issue of who controls the rights to seeds planted in the ground.

And: “Monsanto sued by Indian government for releasing GMO eggplant without authorization from traditional varieties. Le Monde article and India News.”

And: Monsanto banned in Germany.

And: “Peru bans Monsanto for 10 years! Small victories.”

And: Poland bans Monsanto’s GM maize (ca.news.yahoo.com)

And: Hungary Throws Out Monsanto…

And: Monsanto is one step closer to losing billions of dollars in revenues from its genetically-modified Roundup Ready soya beans, following a ruling this week by the Brazilian Supreme Court; Monsanto may have to refund millions of Brazilian farmers who had paid royalties to Monsanto over the last decade (nature.com)

And: Monsanto Faced with Paying 7.5 Billion Back to Farmers, “It all started with a monumental lawsuit launched by over 5 million farmers against Monsanto looking to recover financial losses from ridiculous seed taxes that bankrupted many families.”

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