May 7, 2013

5 Reasons to Teach from the Front of the Room. ~ Gabriel Azoulay

A new survey conducted by Newspoll for the training website reasontospeak.com found that an individual’s biggest fear is the fear of public speaking.

Yoga teaching allows you to face and conquer this fear.

Here are five more reasons why teaching from the from of the room builds confidence and connection with students:

1. Yoga teaching is an interpersonal communication experience. You learn about your body language and how it affects others. When facing the class, you are able to error correct both your instruction and the way you carry yourself. This capacity for self-observation is applicable in all life situations, from personal relationships to business interactions.

2. Teaching allows both student and instructor to discover something larger than their individual sense of self. Be part of the experience of discovering that place of peace, light, love and joy that makes us all feel connected and at “one.”

3. The yoga experience is a place where both student and teacher are practicing. While the student may be primarily practicing listening and moving, so does the instructor. Front room presence fosters this sense of dual practice, and allows the instructor the ability to support the student when the practice becomes challenging or overwhelming.

4. Be the mirror for your students and allow them to see a reflection for their unconscious habits, such as fidgeting, restlessness or mental fiddling.

5. Provide cues and guidance for student success in the pose. If we observe the posture called “Downward Facing Dog” from the front of the class, we have a direct view to student’s shoulders. We are able to help them error correct if they are placing too much weight on their shoulder.

Teaching yoga is an amazing way not only to contribute to the health and happiness of others, but also to build self confidence, communication skills and an opportunity to step out of our own mind through focusing our energy on another.

It was Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, who taught that by serving another we rise above our own tension and invite both to discover the joy and happiness of life.


Gabriel Azoulay is the founder of H3 Yoga, an international yoga teacher training school that empowers teachers with tools and information that inspire and build universal communities. His training method and Hot Flow (BikYasa) program have been implemented in studios all around the world, from Thailand to Europe and the USA. For more information, check out Gabriel’s website.  


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Photo: yogalifestudios on Flickr.

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