May 20, 2013

A Tiny Yoga Flick with Love. ~ Carrie Stiles

The awareness of ‘being’

Through the awareness of being we can consciously choose to make successful habits. We can cease the opportunity to break the vicious cycle of laziness.

George’s transformational journey began in university where he awakened to his life-long yogic path. He dropped out of college and never looked back.

George is a proponent of limitlessness. Yoga is a spiritual vehicle for transcendence, a tool for moving beyond boundaries and a therapy for healing. Healing comes from intelligence, observation and intuitive choice.

“The awareness of ‘being’ is very important to me in my teaching. It’s practice to be able to abide peacefully in yourself and know a more fundamental sort of identity. It’s what you do differently after experiencing it to live more genuinely and go even closer to the soul,” he says.

The themes in George’s practice are choosing perception, awareness and consciousness.

“You can choose to be calm. You can choose to energize yourself. You can choose to love yourself and others unconditionally,” he says.


Bonus Video: Tutorial with George in Hanumanasana:



Carrie Stiles is a yogi, multimedia creator and social media strategist with an M.A. in Conflict Resolution. She has worked, studied and played in over 30 countries on 5 continents. Her ambitious adventures have taken her high in the Himalayas and past Timbuktu in the Sahara (before the Rebels took over). Carrie is on the road again seeking enlightenment and adventure in SE Asia. Carrie aspires to raise awareness about how small actions lead to large scale social transformation. Connect with her on her environmental conflict resolution blog and her guide to social media. You can see some of her Tiny Yoga Flicks and also find her on Facebook.



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