May 5, 2013

Filling Life’s Jug. ~ Christine Martin


A jug gets filled drop by drop.

I unfolded the last piece of paper left, certain that this message for meditation was perfectly meant for me. These scribbled letters were going to reveal a piece of wisdom so obvious that it would be as if God himself were speaking to me.

A jug gets filled drop by drop.


My shoulders slouched a bit. I twisted my mouth in disapproval.

What was this? A bad fortune cookie? Of course a jug fills with every drop. How else would it?

I entered the meditation with resistance.

When it came time to reflect on our slips of paper, I scrambled for meaning; I willed an epiphany, my eyes shut tight.

In my guided meditation, I imagined just turning on the faucet full blast and fill the jug up quickly.

But the silence persisted and sitting there, the tension I created loosened. The grip around expectation released little by little and my mind blanked from judgement and questions and analysis.

And then, it came. I could visualize the drops. Perfectly shaped, gorgeously reflective. They were small and seemingly insignificant in the large receptacle. They were slow in falling…slow-motion slow. But, each drop held meaning.


Friends show support from varying ends of the globe.


Employment opportunities manifest.


The right people arrive at the right time.


Health maintains strong.


We learn valuable lessons.

Joining together in a rising pool, the significance of each moment is realized. Sure, sometimes the drops take pause; they seem even to cease, to have dried up. But, a little patience and a lot of will indicate differently. Before long, a small event occurs that fills you up and inevitably, fills the jug of life up as well.

There is magic in watching the drops.

Color is captured.

Movement ripples.

Smallness merges into bigness.

Those ten minutes of silence taught me some things including this:

There’s no need to fill up quickly and powerfully; a deluge only leaves us overwhelmed…

…and terribly soaked.



Christine Martin is an international educator turned interior designer, blogger, and entrepreneur. She has recently moved to beautiful Luang Prabang, Laos with her husband to follow their passions and do a lot of yoga in the studio they opened together.




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Ed.: ShaMecha Simms & Brianna B.

Photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC ->;< – Spring in Michigan!

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