May 21, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 5.20.










This week Moon moves through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and into Sagittarius. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio on the 24th and 25th.

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Moon is waxing (bright half) until it reaches its full strength on 5.24. Moon is fullest at 23:24 CDT on the 24th and will be transiting its debilitation sign (Scorpio) in Anuradha nakshatra. We also have a short penumbral lunar eclipse occurring during this full moon which begins at 20:53 CDT and ends at 21:26 CDT.

This full moon is also Buddha Jayanti (or Buddha Purnima), the birthday of Lord Buddha, which always falls on the full moon of the fourth lunar month in the Vedic calendar. Besides creating Buddhism, Lord Buddha is considered an enlightened master to multiple lineages in the Vedic tradition. Many traditions also consider him the ninth incarnation of Vishnu (the preserver in the Vedic Holy Trinity).

Mars moves to Taurus on Wednesday the 22nd, putting five planets in this Earth sign. This week’s horoscopes reflect the increase of Taurus energy occurring right now for all of us. Taurus and its ruler Venus, as well as all second house matters, are directing our focus to stability, grounding, security, safety-issues, monetary sustenance, creativity, artistry, beauty, relationships, femininity, and expansion of these themes. There may be emotional storms and issues dictating the ego- especially those that pertain to core issues. This week will bring many of these core issues of “safety and stability” into our awareness on the emotional, mental and soul levels. Be especially aware of how your early childhood patterning has conditioned your belief systems in the areas of wealth, security, comfort and creative life-force.

Jupiter is reaching its sandhi (gap) phase of its year long transit through Taurus and moves towards Gemini. Jupiter’s change of signs will take place May 30th. Many of us are feeling the shift already. Look for a new article next week on the effects of this Jupiter transit

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Speak of wealth and sing it from the rooftops in order to make some alchemical adjustments in your perception. Use this time to manifest, create, embody your wealthy spirit. Think in terms of comfort, support and sustenance. Who and what do you need in your life in order to feel whole, powerful, comfortable and grounded? What provides you with security? What types of relationships are important to you and how do you feel when you are experiencing this level of nurturing? Embodiment of these ideals is crucial homework for you this week. Savor the moments when you feel support and security. When you have less than ideal moments, pause and ask yourself “what do I need right now in order to feel nurtured, grounded and supported?” Awareness is the half way point to manifestation. Homework: Find your pause button and use it.

Taurus: You are in full creative activation right now and Mars increases this intensity for you midweek. Healing, home and heart matters, creating comfort and support financially, and artistry, are being fueled by the five planets in your first house. What seeds are you planting and how are you planning to cultivate a rich harvest for your self in the coming months? Think about your offerings and what you can give to others. Think in terms of what you give out, will be returned to you in abundant supply. Think about serving, teaching, and gaining new knowledge. Think in terms of finding balance—both inner and outer. Most of these details involve “others”, relationships, your mirror. Pay close attention to the reflections that you are facing. Your homework this week is daily meditation, at least 30 minutes in silence with the eyes closed. I think that’s enough for now and will likely prove to be a challenge on some level. Think of this as your house cleaning time- the crucial time when you clean your mirror.

Gemini: All things must come to an end. You are working within the parameter of endings currently, which is requiring a deep surrender on your part. This is a good time to take a time out- at an ashram, via a long holiday, or at bare minimum, working from bed. Don’t force changes or they will force you. Any suffering, pain, or grief is the attachment to the past, the old, the stories of what was, what is no longer real. Cut your losses and allow your self to move forward. Grieve the changes and experience the pains. Go into the discomfort with a heightened awareness. Emotion is perhaps the most real experience of this life. Use it. Use the pains to your advantage at this time and channel this into creative expression. You are laying the foundation for a new relationship with increased artistic awareness in the coming months. Start now. Start with your voice. Your hands. Your feet. Find your discomfort and use artistic alchemy to create a masterpiece. Right now, your best use of time is meditation (when you aren’t making art). Can you do both simultaneously?

Cancer: Pat your self on the back for any gains and achievements. Currently, friends may be proving helpful and speaking and writing are powerful resources for channeling the creative energy you are feeling. You may also find that wealth and a feeling of support is being cultivated. For some, the opposite may be true. Regardless, you have your mind and heart set on some big goals and desires. You are also gearing up for a big, spiritual metamorphosis as Jupiter is about to change signs. Part of you is already feeling this change. Who and what are the support systems you are taking with you and what are the crucial pieces that still need some action steps? Your emotions, home, support, mother energy are still at the forefront. How do these pieces come into play with the rest of your activation and goals? What blockages are you working with, neglecting, overlooking? It’s time to voice it, write about it, sing it, create with it. Your mind is in need of some alchemy in order for the rest of the puzzle pieces to fit into place. Look for your corner pieces and work in from there. Puzzle pieces that need to be put into place: vulnerability, worry and fear.

Leo: You are in the zone of offering, giving, being seen and focusing on your career potential. There is a transformation happening through this experience. It may be that your creative resources, your inspiration, your ability to offer and create new resources for your self has shifted. Where are the currents taking you? Who and what are you taking with you? What does your support team look like? What resources are necessary in order for an even bigger shift to take place? This is a time of maximizing your efforts. Put your self in a position to achieve and experience gain. Think of your Self like the pollen that bees need for honey creation. Find your bees, find the pollen, make some honey. Use any turbulence for greater creativity. Working with hands and increasing hand/eye coordination is a purposeful and powerful resource for you right now. Write, draw, paint your dreams. Take your inner visions and put them on paper.

Virgo: It is a time of higher learning, finding spiritual support, dharmic activation, and seeking nourishment from gurus and mentors. Gain new knowledge and physical stamina/support. You are connecting with new people, new support systems, new mental abilities and creative resources. There is much to be gained right now. Allow the creativity to flow from the unseen realms. What portal is open? What portal and realms have yet to be explored and excavated? You and your relationships are changing. Have you noticed? You should be singing in order to clear the throat chakra. This flow of prana will help you continue to voice your self, your needs, your desires. Once voiced, they can activate more fully. Tell your stories and watch your relationship to them change.

Libra: Life is hanging in the balance for you Libra. Literally. You are recreating your life right now. Which direction is your scale leaning towards? Your transformation is in full effect on every level. You have the ability to surrender right now in a way that can completely change your experience of life. Can you let the waters guide you instead of fighting against the currents? Working with a body-centered approach to your art and creative practices is preferred in this metamorphosis. Getting out of the mind and into the somatic awareness of your body is crucial. Letting your past stories move and become more flexible is part of unraveling these old identities that are no longer serving you. Any suffering is a result of these old imprints. Using an art based approach to this unraveling will help you draw a new life map for the next phase of life. Consider map making and embodiment your homework this week. Find your compass.

Scorpio: You are in a mode of offering, giving out, sharing, attracting others and finding new support with new relationships. What foundation are you building upon? Who are the sacred beings you are inviting into your precious experience of life? What goblins are presenting themselves as a resource for deeper insight and awareness? What are the creative impulses you are working with? You are maximizing your efforts on making money, networking, building new relationships and making old ones stronger, and finding some new footing/grounding; full navigation of first and second chakras. Use art, dance and singing for full embodiment and a richer activation of your creative currents. This week, dance every day! Move hips, stomp feet, awaken your roots. Sing from the rooftops and exclaim your profound love and passion as you watch your desires activate. Proclaim your joy and exhilaration. Embody it. This comfort within is here to stay, now work with it so that you can really turn it into a gift that brings lasting support for your Self and others.

Sagittarius: Right now is a time of great digestion for you. The gut is your focus. Pay attention to “gut reactions,” receptivity, and notice how and what you are digesting. Where is the lack of support and who are the enemies that have weaseled their way into your experience? Is it your mind playing tricks on you? Right now, working with your anxieties and worries proves especially valuable. Unravel the fears and get inside the mental turmoil. Can you hit the pause button when the storm kicks into high gear? Can you get your Self into the eye of the storm rather then letting it blow you away? For you, the focus is on finding comfort, support and stability. Your stomach is an excellent resource for you and a great entry point right now for your personal work. Use your gut as a tool of insight and awareness. Explore your digestion and elimination. Be mindful of your food choices and be aware of the mental/physical connection. Right now, the correlation between mind and body and particularly emotions and body are a central focus. This week, it’s all about the belly dance.

Capricorn: There is so much learning and growing happening all at once. The ability to trust your instincts is a central theme currently. You are polishing your skills, your gut response system, your internal hard wiring, and intelligence. There is transformation, alchemy, and restructuring happening amidst deep, intense passion. Romance for some of you cannot be subsided. Channel it. Channel it. Channel it. Can you use this increased zeal for inner activation? Can you create something with this powerful force? Can you make and remake and reform your Self, your life? Bottle it and make a buck. Or use it for soul transformation and let it last a lifetime. Find your creative current, put your hand on the pulse of it, and use it. This can then become the gift that keeps on giving. Use the belly as the entry point for your intelligence. The way to the heart is through the gut. So be especially vigilant about who and what you are eating, digesting and transforming. Belly dancing and singing are vital parts of your digestive process.

Aquarius: Home is where the heart is. You are seeking home, comfort, support, nurturing and ultimately Ma—the universal mother. Let her guide you and be a resource for you. Like love, creativity flows. Can you let these two dance together and become a tool of increased awareness in other parts of your life? Where are you blocking and resisting the flow of love and creativity? What suffering, pain and challenges is this resistance causing you? Using art as a tool of creative activation will allow the love channels to activate as well. Homework: Draw a big heart. Write the necessary pieces of support, harmony, nurturing and comfort that are inside your heart. On the outside of your heart, write the pieces that cause the opposite of comfort and support. Work this week with opposites, the attraction/repulsion paradigm, the dance between inner and outer, yes/no, shadow and light. Consider this your open heart exploration surgery.

Pisces: There is no stopping your creative spirit right now. The drive, the courage and desire to create art is increasing. The information is coming to you from the unseen realms, the ancestors and past experiences. Trust the process and be a channel for these resources. What are you creating and why? How can you harness this creative momentum and maximize it? What can you learn about your Self in the process? It’s not just enough to create art for art sake, use it as a tool for increasing your awareness as well as others. Use your artistry for tapping into the parts of your Self that you have not looked before. Use your art and creative process as a flash light and shine this light into the nooks and crannies of your soul, then use this as creative inspiration. You are especially working with themes of bravery, courage, and your ability to find support for your self, as well as letting go, releasing, and themes around vulnerability.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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