May 7, 2013

Living on Our Own Time. ~ Jaimie Schultz

photo: Jaimie Schultz

We can learn to be happy on our own time instead of miserable on someone else’s.

There are many different types of flowers that grow and bloom in their own time. They are all different and they are all beautiful. You are one of them.

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that everything in life happens in its own time. It cannot be forced. It cannot be rushed. It cannot be slowed down. Your journey is happening and unfolding exactly as it needs to. No matter how much you rush or demand the Universe to give you what you want now, it will not happen until it is ready to happen.

Think of it this way, with each new spring, comes new flowers and growth. Some flowers bloom early and others bloom much later in the season. Flowers are completely okay with that. Each flower is on it’s own individual time.

The same thing goes for humans, but unlike flowers just growing and doing their own thing, we use growth of others to judge our own success and achievement.

We naturally gauge ourselves based on where others are around us. This is where most of the world’s resentment, anger and judgement is born. This is also called, ‘being miserable on someone else’s time.’

So, how do you transition back to living on your own watch?

First and most importantly, you have to embrace the fact that you are on your very own journey. Know this: no matter how similar you are to anyone else on this planet, your life and circumstance is totally and completely unique to you. It works the same way as your fingerprints. No else in the world has them, just like no one else in the world is you.

No matter how similar it may be, no one else on this planet can see life through your eyes. No one else on this planet can feel the feelings of your heart. It is not possible, because you are the only one that is uniquely “you.”

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Once you truly understand this simple truth, you can then stop comparing your journey to the journey of others. Just like a flower cannot force itself to bloom, you cannot force yourself to bloom either. If you live your life watching those around you and trying to keep up with their time, you will miss out on your own.

Learn to be okay with your own journey, because you are an amazingly beautiful flower that is growing and blooming exactly as you need to.

You, my beautiful Soul Shaker, are on your own time. Your own journey. Your own awakening and growth. You cannot force it. You cannot rush it. Nor can you slow it down. It is your own, uniquely you, time.

This is where your happiness is born.


Jaimie Schultz: I am Pajamas—a fun loving, passionate, adventure seeker. I love life and I love helping others see how much they should love theirs. I am passionate about all things mystical and out of my control. If I am grumpy, all anyone needs to do is give me a huge hug and I instantly feel better. That, or hand me a nice bottle of red wine. That does the trick too! To connect with Jaimie, check out her website.


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~ Asst: Terri Tremblett/Kate Bartolotta

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