May 2, 2013

May’s Astrological Outlook—for Everyone.

I know that not everybody is into Astrology—but that’s their loss.

We’ve all been in situations where the entire room seems to be on the same wavelength.

You go to yoga class and all the yogis are super chatty, or rather subdued for that matter.

Or the road is a scary place to be driving (or cycling) because no one seems to be paying attention (except for you, because you keep up on your astrology and were aware of this likelihood).

Yet, studying astrology doesn’t necessarily mean that you believe in predicting the future. I use astrology the most for my own personal self growth. I do this by comparing my natal chart, a picture of the sky when I was born, and the currently overlapping planetary placements to remind me that, say, my temper might be more likely to flare on that day, or that my neediness with my spouse might come out on this one. (I actually did use astrology to plan my wedding, and, might I say, it was a good choice.)

So read on if you want to know a little bit more about the astrological climate of May.

May offers more than just a hint of spring. (Finally!) It offers some planetary shifts that might mean upcoming changes in both your mood and surroundings.

I won’t get tremendously bogged down with details here (and you can feel free to check out my past elephant astrology-related pieces for more info), but keep in mind that the following information is geared towards us as a societal whole. 

Our individual natal charts offer insights into our patterns, behaviors and overall unique self-qualities—and the astrological puzzle pieces mentioned here most definitely fit differently into all of our lives and selves. However, there are some energetic shifts, like the ones previously mentioned, that are ubiquitous and obvious—and here they are.

Mercury went into Taurus on May 1.

This change from Aries brings a general state of calm and well-being into our environments. Taurus is the ever-curious child, but Taurus has also learned to be more self-controlled and self-contained—meaning, don’t be shocked if you find yourself having a steady, fluid, “I can get through anything” attitude. On the flip side, Taurus likes—and demands—leisure time, so schedule it rather than running yourself ragged and being forced into a vacation instead (this is how I view illness).

On May 9, Venus heads into Gemini.

This gives us almost exactly a week with Mercury and Venus both in Taurus (highlighting the previous circumstances, among others). On the other hand, this high-energy shift into Gemini might be exactly what spring needs.

Venus moving into Gemini brings along with it a sense of playfulness to almost everything we do—but especially into our relationships, which Venus governs. Now is the time to consider a lighthearted afternoon with friends or an especially fun date night (make sure you’re able to talk during it—this placement loves conversation). Still, Venus in Gemini can also carry with it a little bit of unease, in the sense of needing mental stimulation within relationships (even if it means creating conflict in order to find it).

This month, the north node (not a planet, but actually a relationship with the position of the moon) goes back and forth between retrograde and direct in the sign of  Scorpio.

This position’s significance strongly depends on your own specific natal chart, but (very) generally speaking, our abilities to delve into spirituality, research and self-study are most acutely affected.

Interestingly, this north node in Scorpio directly relates to these aforementioned Taurean placements, as Scorpio is Taurus’s opposite sign (and there is also a south node in Taurus).

In essence, we tend to build things up just to tear them down, over and over again, during the north node’s stay in the sign of the eagle or phoenix (the scorpion is Scorpio’s unevolved form). This cycle is only heightened by Saturn still being retrograde in Scorpio—again check out my previous blogs. While the north node is often retrograde, this particular planetary arrangement offers to remind us of how important it is to accept change rather than to always fight it.

Still later this month, we have Mercury shifting once again into Gemini on May 15.

(Mercury stays in signs for about two and a half weeks.) This serves to further mark Gemini’s potentially dueling desires to have crazy-good fun yet have animated, intellectual stimulation—and also Gemini’s enjoyment of spontaneity and natural inclination to play the free-spirited chameleon.

May 31, ironically, marks the pivotal point of this month’s horoscope with Mercury moving on from Gemini into Cancer and Mars going into Gemini.

Mercury in the sign of the crab has a completely different feel than it did in the sign of the twins.

Home, and anything familial or maternal, takes over our attention now. Mars in Gemini, though, ensures that our nearly month-long easy-breezy feel isn’t entirely blown away. Sure, we might have difficulties making short-term commitments, much less long term ones, but there won’t be any shortage of engaging conversation or wily ideas.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more than this happening out there in our eclectic universe.

I didn’t even mention, for example, the new moon in Taurus that accompanies Venus’ movement into Gemini on May 9, making the day an odd blend of introversion and socialization. I also neglected to let you know about the full moon (and lunar eclipse) in Sagittarius on the 25th. Prepare to expect the unexpected.

Which reminds me that I also didn’t tell you about the sun transiting into Gemini on the 20th. Get ready for more mental energy—but make sure that you don’t spin out and waste it on needless worrying either.

I guess I’ll end our little astrology chat here, because there’s always something enticing to share when it comes to these fascinating intricacies of our spectacularly mesmerizing world.

Remember, though, that the most important thing to do this month is simple, no astrological preparation required—only good ol’ fashioned awe.

When in doubt, always look up at our amazing backdrop, take in a deep, cleansing breath, and dream as big as the sky.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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