May 9, 2013

Mindful Links I Loved of the Week.

Quote of the Week.

Front page of NY Times today: Carbon Dioxide Level Is at Its Highest in Human History. “The amount of the heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere has reached a level not seen for at least three million years, and scientists believe the rise portends large changes in the climate and sea level.”

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America

President Barack Obama told college graduates Sunday that only their generation can break the cycle of a political system consumed by “small things” that works for the benefit of a few (youtube.com)

Jon Stewart walking this three-legged dog (just when you thought he couldn’t be more likeable).

In praise of idleness.

Is your McMansion killing you? Infographic.

Infographic: What does that $14 shirt really cost?

Some Retailers Say More About Their Clothing’s Origins. (nytimes.com)

“The revolution that has swept the food industry is expanding to retail: origins matter.

With fair-trade coffee and organic fruit now standard on grocery shelves, consumers concerned with working conditions, environmental issues and outsourcing are increasingly demanding similar accountability for their T-shirts. The issue has been brought to the forefront by the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed more than 800 people.

And some retailers are doing what was once unthinkable, handing over information about exactly how, and where, their products were made.

Everlane, an online boutique, last week added paragraphs to...read the rest.

An old classic that keeps cropping up: 10 Things I Find Sexy in a Man (that Aren’t All About Sex). ~ Melanie Curtin

China begins demolishing the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet (thetibetpost.com)

Living Inside the Box- New Yorks First shipping container house. (sciencefriday.com)

My Day with the Dalai Lama: elephant Meets His Holiness.

And the number one most trustworthy bestest car in the world is… Consumer Reports: The Tesla Model S is our top-scoring car (news.consumerreports.org)

So in case you’ve been a little blue, or wanting more love or need more good news in your newsfeed, get this: the Minnesota House just voted 75-59 to legalize same sex marriage in Minnesota. They’ve got the votes in the Senate. Cheers to Equal Rights for All.
Remixed Remix of Thrift Shop (that’s you’ll love):

The original remix:

The original.

“This is some hipster shit right here.” (best youtube comment)

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