May 12, 2013

The Illustrated Yoga Mala: A Handy Quick Reference Guide (for People Over 50).

Some people think that yoga is only for certain people and is only a bunch of fancy movements.

“When actually anyone can practice because yoga is much more than poses (asanas).
But if the asanas appeal to you, there are many that are beneficial and potentially possible for elders.
You are never too old to start.”

~ Elise Espat

Here is a quick and easy visual guide of Guruji’s yoga asana practice for seniors from Yoga Mala.

In the Yoga Mala (p.27), Guruji says:

“For people over fifty, it is enough to practice some of the easier and more useful asanas, as well as some of the pranayamas.

Those who have been practicing for many years, however, can do any asana or pranayama with out a problem. 

Older people who want to start yoga, however, will find practicing the following ten asanas sufficient: first the surya Namaskara (A & B); then Paschimattanasana; Sarvangasana; Halasana; Karnapidasana; Urdhva Padmasana; Pindasana; Matsyasana; Uttana Padasana; and shirshasana.

It is preferable to do these in concert with the vinyasa [breathing and movement system], but if this is not possible, then practicing while focusing on rechaka (exhalation) and puraka (inhalation) will suffice.

Shirshasana should be practiced for at least ten minutes, and the rest, for at least ten rechaka and puraka while in the state of the asana. 

By practicing in the is way, the body and sense organs will become firm, the mind purified, longevity will be increased and the body will be filled with fresh energy…”



Credits, References, Notes:

Please consult your teacher before attempting any asanas on your own!

The Yoga Comics

Awesome Editor: Jessica Walden and Elise Espat (Albuquerque Ashtanga Yoga Shala)
Cartoon guy: Boonchu Tanti,  Ashtanga Illustrations by Boonchu



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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