May 6, 2013

We Need Some F*cking Magic, People! ~ John James Ford

You are not separate from the soil, the sun, the ocean or the wind. You are everything.

No matter where you sit or stand, whether it be a toll booth, the CEO’s office of a multinational corporation, a retail counter, an abusive relationship, behind a bar, or in a cubicle within the infrastructure of public service, realize that your awareness determines whether or not you are at the sharp end of change, not your current circumstances.

If you feel excited, perhaps trepidatious about the possibility that big changes are occurring within you, you are onto something. It’s not your imagination. Keep sniffing out the trail. You are one of the constituents in the democracy of the earth’s heart. You are casting your vote with every intention.

Sometimes I get emails and comments from friends I had in the Army, who assume I have hit my head or taken a lot of drugs. They like to mock my openhearted stance towards the world and are confused by my energy. The simplest route for them to deal with this is to pigeonhole me as a flaky, unscientific, New Age weirdo.

Look at where science has brought us so far.

We need some fucking magic, people.

The important thing for me, in the face of criticism and at times that I’m overwhelmed, is to cleave to my own truth and revel in this experience with all of the faculties at my disposal, not just one side of the grey matter in my head.

Every moment of your existence you are sending and receiving vibrations. I invite you to be open to reshaping old thoughts that govern your work, life and your priorities. Despite the interference you might receive from others, you can open up to new ideas about how fundamentally beautiful and valuable you are.

This is an invitation to your own awakening; to the birth of an awareness of not only what it means to live in this world, but to serve your highest self.

To accomplish this, we need to forget what our brains tell us and foster the imaginations we had as children. If you do, you will no longer need to feel squeezed between the need for security and the need to do what lifts the spirits and makes the heart sing.

Trust the process.


John James Ford is currently a LifeForce and Shamanic Yoga practitioner who teaches yoga for depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction.




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