June 17, 2013

6 Things I Need in a Man. ~ Lizandra Vidal

I just read the elephant journal article What I Need in a Woman and it got me thinking about what I need in a man.

(After all, I need to be clear about what I need if I want the Universe to finally send the right man my way.)

Dear Universe full of beings looking for love, here is what I need:

1. I need you to be passionate.

You are passionate about what you do and who you are but not so passionate that it consumes you to the point that you don’t have time for me or our relationship.


2. I need you to be balanced.

You enjoy a good work/life balance and know when it’s time to stop working and when it’s time to start playing. You know when it’s time to stop playing and when we need to be serious. You enjoy making time to stop doing, so we can share time simply being.


3. I need you to have integrity.

You always tell the cashier she missed ringing something up or he gave you too much change. You tell me the truth when you don’t show up on time or need to cancel our plans. Your self-worth is based more in the impact of your daily actions than on your life acquisitions.


4. I need you be kind.

You give up your bus seat easily, and you open doors for anyone who could use a hand. You say no to panhandlers with compassion, and once in a while, you give them something. I need you to naturally treat the people in your life, including me, with openhearted kindness 94 percent of the time.


5. I need you to be spiritual.

Not in a bible thumping, Torah wielding, dervish whirling or yoga-mat-carrying way. I need you to believe that there is something more to life that what you can touch, feel or explain. I need you to be interested in talking about and experiencing that part of existence with me.


But most of all…

6. I need you to authentically love me for who I am and how I show up each day.

Hope to see you soon!


Lizandra Vidal is a yoga teacher and healthy lifestyle consultant living in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Her mission in life is to share the magic of mindfulness, yoga and healthy living with as many people as she can. She teaches at Haiti’s first yoga studio Project Zen and does healthy life consultations through Find Your Zen Now. Lizandra blogs about life in Haiti at In Haiti On Purpose and about her blossoming Ashtanga practice at Discovering Ashtanga.




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