June 18, 2013

Meditation for a Dom & Sub. ~ Orpheus Black

Blade of grass: a meditation on dominance and submission.

A dom went to a nearby field where his submissive loved to sit. As he approached, he noticed that she seemed transfixed by the rolling green hills in front of her. As he sat down next to her and gazed out into the field he asked,

“What are you looking at, little one?”

She looked down for a moment then back out across the field as if it was an endless green ocean and said,

“I am watching the nature of dominance and submission, Sire.”

The dom, perplexed, repeated,

“Watching the nature of dominance and submission?”

“Yes Sire,” she replied.

“The wind is like a master and the grass is like a slave, and when the wind blows, the grass bends gracefully to its will. Like the grass I desire to yield to my master, to bend gracefully to his will.

I want to be guided by him. My every motion dictated by him. And when the wind is weak, I will stand tall until he commands me. This is the nature of dominance and submission and when I sit here, Sire, I know that I am not strange or different.

I am as I am supposed to be: a blade of grass bending in the wind.”


Orpheus Black is a sex educator specializing in poly, D/s and M/s dynamics. He is also a professional and lifestyle dominant, and alternative lifestyle speaker in Los Angeles. For more information on classes or speaking engagements please email him at [email protected]. You may also visit Orpheus on Facebook.


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Assistant ed: Catherine Monkman

[Photo source: Grass by Michelle Bradley on Flickr.]

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