June 18, 2013

Meditation to Calm a Tired Heart. ~ Edith Lazenby

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Tune into your heart’s breath.

Take a comfortable seat, sitting or lying on the floor. Place your left hand on your heart and the right hand on your belly. Now breathe. Listen to the steadiness of your heart and feel how the breath moves from the outside in and the inside out.

Listen with your inner ear to the sound of rain. Hear its patter comfort with its steady flow and rhythm. Feel how it feeds the grass, trees and flowers and let this feeling feed you. Let the wetness move into your heart and wash it with the joy of giving life. Remember you give yourself your life.

Let’s take life and wrap it in silk. Let its softness smooth the edges around your mind and keep feeling your heart’s beat. The ta-dum rocks the moment, brings you closer to now. Let the mystery that life is hide within the silk and remember all you need rests under the palm of your hand resting on your heart. This life is yours and holds possibility with the hand on your belly moving with each breath.

Inhale calm, exhale peace. Inhale silk, exhale mystery. Inhale rain, exhale green.

Keep breath moving.  Know its movement brings stillness closer. Remember the smell of green after a summer rain. Imagine the damp grass under your feet, comforting your soles, caressing your toes.

Know hope rests in every step. Know you can take the seeds in your heart and spread its joy the way a bee spreads pollen. Know the honey is the promise of all the work; the sticky elixir that can feed many. Know the blooms live because of the bees and the bees live for the blooms. Know the sun and rain balance life with earth. Remember the moon even in daylight keeps her watchful eye and protects the night.

Return to the heart. Feel her truth under your palm. Know the heart cannot lie. Listen to her truth. Let her lead you in breath, feeling, thinking. She is a crystal when we listen and a swamp when we don’t. Feel the crystal’s energy. Pull out of the muck and mud. Observe mind. Mind with heart knows wisdom. Let the wisdom’s prism give you truth’s many colors and shades. Like a rainbow truth gives vision hope after a storm. Like a rainbow truth knows light gives us many windows to find meaning.

Return to the breath, the belly, the heart. Listen in. Deep belly breaths. Feel your heart. Know its rhythm. Know your truth cannot lie. Truth can hold you when life falters and the ground shifts. Be steady with the heartbeat. Now let your heart grow wings of faith and carry you up toward the clouds and moon, and see earth, your life, from above…gain insight. Float. Go as high as you like, past the stars, into the ether where time becomes a matter we cannot name. Find the home that held you before you found life. Find the home that holds your spirit when the body ends. Simply be the light.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Belly rise. Belly fall. Lengthen your exhales and with each falling breath find your way back to earth, back to the body, to the heart. Stay here as long as you like or whenever you are ready caress the fingers, wriggle the ankles, wrists, fingers and toes…nod you head side to side, stretch your arms, and find your way into the present.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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