June 10, 2013

She is a Real Life Goddess. ~ Olivia Zino


Women inherit a gift from mother earth: a genetic, natural, beautiful duplicity.

It is ever evolving and deliciously new each day, as women are keepers of renewal. It is solid and reliable as we are keepers of tradition as well.

A woman works with her gift. She has a keen ability to subconsciously sort through life, tossing the garbage and polishing the silver. She has a power that she must learn to use. Stories of witches, goddesses and the like are perhaps all illustrations and tales of this power. Over time she is recognized, maybe feared, possibly revered and admired. It’s a magical combination that must be harnessed.

Women carry a strong power of light and intention. Whatever we set our sight on is what we get. We have a gift of creation within our bodies and souls. We give birth not only to children, but to ideas and love. You have done this already—at least once and probably many times over.

Think back to anything you truly fell head over heels in love with. Perhaps it was a thought, person or a mission.  If you harnessed that power correctly and stayed connected to the light, you manifested an idea into a reality you experienced.

Women are already what a goddess truly is.

We already have all of those powers.

The powers of endurance, everlasting love, creation, eternal beauty, strength and wisdom are within us. We can endure most any pain, physically and emotionally. We are sensitive enough that our tender hearts can break a million times. Yet we are strong enough that we turn right around and keep on loving.

We are flexible when the winds of change come blowing through. We know when to cast our sails into the wind and ride out life’s uncontrollable storms. We know when to hunker down and stay very still and let things pass. We will fight to tears for any thing or person that holds power in our hearts.

Isn’t this the power of a goddess, an indomitable spirit that is filled with love? It can be golden. You can see it glow.

Mother Earth gives birth to something that is a sliver of herself

A daughter, a glimmer of her radiance to come, golden as the very sun

She is every bit a piece of earth and nature itself

She is river flowing, naturally carving paths and ever knowing

Equal measure of honey sweet and bee sting

Fragrant as a rosebud in spring

Sweet as a daisy, strength of a storm

Beautiful and majestic duplexity of nature’s true self.


Given as a blessing, even the messy, the dirt for the mud, washed away by the rains, into the ground, to feed seeds that will grow again.

Her roots stand strong and stubborn. Hearty, musky woods, stable and thick

Her leaves rustle, golden in the sun, tossing back her hair and having fun

Flexible in the wind, bending like a song


Playing along

Like rivers and lakes, She reflects and becomes her surroundings

Warm, tantalizing and sparkling on a perfect summers day

Icy, cold and sharp when sun sets too early, Stinging air, clouds turn grey

She is solid as a boulder, and as gentle as the daisy kissing her mountains toes

As the seasons, forever changing, as nature, always grows

Revolving, shedding away old and birthing anew.


A mother of a daughter has a gift in her hands

She is the keeper of an earth child

She must allow the formation of the clay yet set the mold

She must allow the nature of the exuberance and never dim her light

Yet tame the sparks and draw curtains on the night

It is a blessing and a job, harder than any other,

No connection deeper, no understanding more intense

No commitment more immense


Love indispensable

Mothers, daughters and women alike

Harnessing love and light


Olivia Zinohas turned an eclectic mix of her BA in Communications, MS in Education and single motherhood of bouncing off the wall Irish Twins ( born 10 1/2 months apart) into becoming an avid consumer of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. As a writer, she has created an assortment of theoretical pixie sticks, glamour, glitz and wittiness, sitting, thinking, drinking in humanity, freely producing reflective poetry and musings on the absurdly obvious, yet deeply hidden gems of life, motherhood and child development.


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Assistant ed: Catherine Monkman

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