June 16, 2013

Summer Solstice Brings a New Beginning. ~ Melanie Dawn

Summer Solstice, with its light and warmth, brings with it new creation—new beginnings often from the root of what already was.

Quality—a word quite hard to define yet we know it exists.

Is it a desire for quality in our lives that sparks creation? We have the power within to transform through new beginnings energized with original thought of want of good or higher quality.

If there are unfavorable conditions in our lives, we have the ability to create a new experience, but it is first born of our idea of what quality (of living) means to us.

Complimentary to this, it takes personal qualities like those of strength, wisdom, fortitude, thoughtfulness, compassion, love, understanding, stamina, patience and perseverance to first create, and then make change occur, from the quality of our actions—moved by that original thought for new beginning—creation.

Sitting quietly letting our minds drift, and watching these thoughts as we would movies, it is our want and need of living a quality life, or providing that for others, that most often inspires new creation.

We observe past and current arrangements, relationships, circumstances, attitudes, feelings, beliefs and realize that as we grow and flourish it is quality that ultimately drives us to constantly learn, create, indulge, take action and make change.

If we had no regard for quality in our lives we’d not bother seeking education, answers, livelihood, adventures, friends, and loves.  We’d be stagnated and lackluster due to non-care for improvement.

“The Quality which creates the world emerges as a relationship between man and his experience.  He is a participant in the creation of all things.  The measure of all things.” ~ Robert M. Pirsig.

When we contemplate yoga practice—a practice for life—from this framework, we can easily see the correlation between quality and dharma, our path, our service to self first in the bigger picture.  With dharma, virtue and excellence, it’s a natural driving force but by raising attention, awareness and care as to how you get there and how you create—brings with it living, breathing, creating, and sharing from the highest quality space within you.

New beginnings are sparked by original thought, perhaps even downloaded as original thought.

These bright ideas born deserve consideration toward virtue, good, and truth in balance to this quality that pervades your creation.

Summer Solstice, with its light and warmth, brings with it new creation—new beginnings often from the root of what already was.

Perhaps we can ask, “What are the qualities within me that desire a new beginning, a new creation?”, Where am I creating from, what space, what quality?

To all your new beginnings and potential creations.




Melanie Dawn, RYT 200, aka ‘Mel’ of SANGHAYOGA.CA has found there is some poetry within her after all and is happy to be able to share it with others through writing. A lover of peace, freedom, motorcycles, big smiles and belly dancing, yoga has been her constant conscience & guide even when she wasn’t conscious of it (thankfully!) and feeds her in ways that chocolate (unfortunately) cannot satisfy. Just playing with pose, working with breath, enjoying the harmony and spirit evoked through moving meditation brings immense pleasure. Her inspirational style of teaching accompanied by her strong yet velvety voice promotes an effortless flow in class and keeps yogis “reaching higher every day.”

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Assistant Ed: Josie Huang/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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