June 17, 2013

Waylon reviews…Man of Steel.

Just back from Man of Steel. A few observations.

For the video, click here.

1. Century Theatre pretty much ruined half the movie by having the ads and movie way too loud. Wasn’t just me–at least half our row and everyone we talked to on way out was as deaf as if we’d just spent the night in a club on Landsdowne.

2. Speaking of ads, there shouldn’t be ads. Previews are awesome. Ads are for TVs. I’m paying $10.75 or whatever to get in.

3. Cavill was an awesome Superman. Except he needed his red underwear and curly hair thing. But he was awesome. Look forward to the sequel.

4. Lois Lane was a bit…homely. Good actress, though. But…also, not bitchy enough. Lois is well known for being dominant, headstrong, funny, brilliant. This one was…nice.

5. Gorgeous film. Very Terrence Malick. A little more space, slowing down at moments, getting to know the nobility and sadness of Superman woulda be nice.

6. At the end there was way too much human loss of life. I feel like we’re inured to 9/11 x 1000 scenes. I don’t enjoy seeing skyscrapers fall or the Capitol explode (in preview for White House Down) or mass destruction of NYC in every other effing movie. Less is more–we feel the loss of life of one or two just as much as the CGI loss of 1,000s. Epic is epic only when it’s not overused, just as in a musical score. Edit: as mentioned in comments, Superman (and Batman) always managed not to kill. That was part of their moral leadership and fundamental character. And, as with the new, moral-lite Star Trek movies, that spirit of heroism is being lost.

Update: Man Of Steel collateral damage assesment to Metropolis: $750 BILLION dollars, 129,000 dead, and 1 million injured. (uk.movies.yahoo.com)

7. Kids these days: my seat got kicked for half the effing movie, until I grabbed the punk behind me and flew off with him, dropping him into the dead quiet of black, cold, lifeless Space.

8. Overall, awesome.

PS: What?

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