June 21, 2013

We all Feel Fear. Here’s how to Make it go Away. {James Gandolfini on Sesame Street, Video}

For our little tribute to James Gandolfini, here.

Via Reddit: “It’s good to see someone will such talent and seemingly a big threatening guy, like James Gandolfini, go out of his way to play a [cameo] on Sesame Street as a vulnerable, scared characer. He wasn’t self-conscious of his image and was humble enough to play a part so minimal and opposite of most of his characters in Movies and shows. RIP big guy.”

“For anyone wondering why Sesame Street has celebrities guest star when little kids have never heard of them, it is to encourage parents to watch the show with their kids. Research showed kids learned more when parents were present than when they weren’t so Sesame Street started doing this to get parents to watch with their kids.”

“I lost it when he grabbed the teddy bear. What a sweet guy.”

Sesame Street’s way of reminding us that James Gandolfini was a real person, not just Tony Soprano. (Video)”

James Gandolfini talks to Zoe about how to calm down when you feel scared.

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