June 20, 2013

Why I Don’t Want to Get Enlightened. ~ Nina Mel

Anytime you pass one gate, you see the next one to be passed.

When I quit the yoga business, I wrote an article about it, reflected on all of the responses, comments and my own reactions, and meditated on what’s next for me.

I could clearly see that the next thing I should quit is writing. I know what can be done, but I choose not to—you’ll get an idea why when you finish this article.

If you truly look deep within yourself, you will see that path is a constant process of layering down all the unnecessary stuff off your soul, any material matter—which leads directly to the Center, the Source, the Oneness or God. That is the only path to get there—which is not what we believed the path is (yoga practice on the mat, daily mantra or belonging to a tradition).

This path is strict, direct, bold and uncompromisable; this path leads to One out of this material realm.

But are you really ready for this? Tell me—did you ever ask yourself this question “Do I really want to get enlightened?” I bet you didn’t—as in our spiritual (yoga) community this is an axiom, a foundamental truth, an accepted “desire” and an ultimate goal. Everyone who enters this “community,” this part of society, automatically, immediately gets it.

And this is why in reality they do not get it at all. It goes without saying, without thinking—and without understanding.

Look at this article the same way as at my previous article; even if the style of my writing is a bit more emotional, straight-minded and somewhat harsh in order to get your attention—which always seeks for emotions—this is not a direct encouragement to do this or that, but rather an invitation to think together with me, right now. Perhaps it applies to you (or not); observe what thoughts it awakens in you, what fears arise, so that we come closer to seeing ourselves better and to look inside ourselves to what we didn’t think about before.

Ask yourself “Do I really want to get enlightened?”

Any path you take eventually brings you to the One, but it depends on your level of attachment (conscious or unconscious) to the material plane. It may take thousands of lifetimes until you “get enough” or it may be achieved in this lifetime—this is all your choice.

Enlightenment is a choice; you don’t get it because you don’t choose it.

We all choose to be attached instead; to our yoga communities, like-minded people, gurus, our businesses, fame, success or failures; to our family ties, to love and to pain, to yourself and to what we call life. To be precise—we are attached to the feeling of attachment—it gives us security, belonging, comfort. It gives us this life.

Complete conscious detachment to anything that belongs to the material plane takes us out from the material plane and moves to the other one; that is obvious. It is so simple that we don’t get it, because of it’s genius simplicity; it doesn’t get to our minds as we believe there should be more complex answer, way, technique, etc., because that’s what we’re are used to.

But enlightenment is not to be taught, shared or passed from one person to another. This is an attainment—and a choice.

A human holds on to this reality by his attachments; this is what links him to material realm. Detach yourself from the material—from the attachment to the material—and you are free to go to another place. We can’t combine being enlightened and being here on the material plane.

Doesn’t work this way—sorry.

It’s a myth that becoming “enlightened” means becoming a superhuman who lives here but has no problems in life, no issues with mental and physical health, who has a positive mood no matter what—and what’s more important—who has no more ego.

But a man consists of two parts: he has an “animal-nature part” and a “spiritual-nature part” that is called “human being.” This will never change until he is here on this material plane. So, we can not be on a material plane not being influenced by it and not having a material body, which includes brain hence instincts, thought process, reactions and ego.

The gurus and teachers (of modern days or the past: Osho, Sai Baba, and all other babas, Swamis, Jis and Rinpoches with all respect to them) who claim or humbly let others “accept” they are enlightened, just lie.

Either consciously to others, supporting their important and unique position in yoga society, or unconsciously to themselves, fallen into illusion that they are indeed enlightened after having a glimpse or two of spiritual so called “tests,” the goals of which are different. From preparing the mind to operate on a higher vibrational level, to showing the potential and capability of this exact body-mind in this lifetime, or simply letting know that it already switched to another frequency of operation in this material world.

This is a momentary experience which fades within minutes, hours or a few days, and which, as Patanjali warns, has always been a most “popular” spiritual pitfall and a strongest trap to fall into.

Enlightenment—not the “tests” or spiritual insights—is a full absorption by the One and a merger with It.

Do we really want to get enlightened? Given the thought that “become enlightened” literally means “to die”?

Are we ready for this? Is this what we were seeking? Think of it. Observe your inner reaction to this thought. Feel the fear that arises—this is a functioning of the Ego, the identity, the attachment to this material plane in all it’s beauty. See how uncomfortable it is even to accept thinking of this thought—we rather keep our believes that enlightened Gurus exist on this plane and for us too, it is possible to be both connected to the One fully and still be human.

Don’t you like this thought better? Isn’t it more comfortable and um…compromising?

An earthy approach we’re used to; but this doesn’t work with spiritual matters. No compromises here. We are either this or that.

So do you want to get enlightened? Say it out loud and let the Universe hear you and give you exactly what you want.

I ask this not because I wish less people to seek and ultimately get enlightenment—the opposite is true. The more people are clear on what they really want or what illusion they have, the clearer the path to enlightenment will be and the more likely it will be attained by those who really choose to go for it. And those who discover they in reality want something different will be free from their own imprisoning illusional goals.

Enough of it.

We either choose to get enlightened, “close”our karma, leave this plane—or, we get rid of the false idea that our life goal is to get enlightened, so that we can call the things what they are and clearly distinguish our real needs in this lifetime.

Ask yourself this question: Do I really want to get enlightened?

We can make a conscious decision if we each want this, till what point, or not yet at all. Maybe we’ll come to a conclusion that we need a couple more incarnations to enjoy the game before we get enough and that’s fine. That’s exactly where we are at the moment, what level of “enlightenment” we are at.

But we will all see clearly for the first time—where we are in terms of enlightenment. How far or how close we are. We will see it immediately, no need for guru to tell you. Our soul will show. Our fear will show. Our readiness to get enlightened will show how ready we are.

My congratulations—you have just revealed the truth to yourself instead of living the illusion of spirituality and hunting for enlightenment. You will see in reality you never wanted enlightenment. You never seek for this.

That is why you never get this and most likely you never will—until you are really ready and choose it.

That simple.

Enlightenment is a choice—think twice before you make yours.



Nina Mel doesn’t teach and doesn’t sell anything, but writes articles and publishes numerous pseudonymous works on yoga, energy and spirituality.





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