July 15, 2013

Breaking Away from Heartbreak. ~ Kute Blackson

When any relationship ends, it can be one of the most painful things we experience in life; it’s heartbreak.

Ultimately, there is no definitive end to a relationship; the form simply shifts into something new.

The real courage is to let go and allow the highest expression to happen. The real courage is to love so fully that, if a relationship ends, we have no regrets. The real courage is our willingness to let go of what we currently have, so we can create something new.

Change is a part of life. Nothing lasts forever; even the best things will one day come to an end. As we accept this, we can focus on fully experiencing and appreciating each relationship whilst it is in our life.

Just because the form of our relationship needs to change, doesn’t mean the love needs to go away.

We attract into our lives who we are, and those we attract are manifestations of our state of consciousness at that particular time; we are mirrors.

As we grow and our consciousness expands, those in our life must either grow with us, or the nature of our relationship inevitably shifts. We often think that if a relationship ends, the love needs to end, too. When, in fact, staying in a relationship that no longer feels right ends love.

To honor our authentic hearts, truth is the most loving thing we can do. In doing, this, we honor those around us. We need to dare ourselves to find the most authentic form of relating which serves ourselves and the other person to love more fully.

So rather than holding onto the way a relationship used to be, feel what is most true now and what it seeks to be today.

To stay in a relationship that is not truly fulfilling in the present is to be in a dead relationship. The relationship is a museum rather than a living inspiration.

Try asking yourself this, “If I met this person today, would I be in a relationship with them today?”

Be honest.

When we first meet someone, whether a romantic relationship, friend or business partner, we gravitate to each other because we are a vibrational match.

As we grow, so long as we both keep growing in the same direction at a similar pace, we can keep evolving our relationship. But if we do not, there might come a point where we no longer are a fit. We evolve and grow in different directions, and pressure is placed on the relationship.

Remember, if a relationship ends or changes form, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The relationship just may no longer be a vibrational match.

If you are feeling a current relationship is not working, ask yourself:

1) Does this relationship inspire me to be more of who I authentically am?

2) Do we inspire each other to grow, expand and evolve as souls?

3) What is the lesson that this person/relationship was brought into my life to teach me.

When we let go of the old relationships, we create the space for the new ones to show up.

Trust that following your heart and truth will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be for your highest good and all concerned.

Trust that the universe is abundant and will bring about your highest good.

Trust that the love, which is available, is infinite.

All forms change—only love is real.

You are love.

Love now.


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Assistant Ed: Paula Carrasquillo

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