July 24, 2013

How to Make Yourself a Nice, Warm Cup of Letting Go. ~ Missi Rasmussen

Unconditional Fulfillment


Equipment you will need:

A peeler that fits into your hand snugly

so you have complete control

as you enter the time-consuming task

of peeling away all the outer layers

of the fruit he left behind. Nevermind

it’s been sitting there among the gnat traps.

It will be perfect without the bruises.


Preferably a dedicated saucepot. You

cannot work well with a coating that sticks

or something you cannot handle

well. It must have a good,

strong handle. As must you.


A strainer that fits your vessel.

Nothing is more frustrating

than trying to fit two pieces

together and making a mess

because they never went together

in the first place. Tea is watery

and runs quickly in all directions.

No one likes cleaning it up, and there’s

almost always some of it left behind.

You don’t want to be soaking

on your hands and knees due to

an incompatible strainer/cup relationship.



3 tablespoons fresh ginger.

Preferably chopped up and mashed

yourself. You can use that stone statue he gave you

that’s always stayed intact no matter how many

times you’ve “accidentally” dropped it on another

surface just as hard.


2 cloves.

Depends on their freshness. Also

depends on the time you are willing to put into

raising them. The children,

not the cloves.


1 cinnamon stick.

Very important, but it depends

on the size. Use the largest stick

you can find. There’s no such thing as too much

cinnamon, and it will help you

stay warm with all that spice.


1-2 peppercorns.

Some people like adding these for an extra bite.

But if you’ve been through enough pain

already, feel free to omit.


2 cups milk.

You could have made this yourself five

years ago if he hadn’t been so jealous.

What a waste! You may find you need more of this later,

so save a reserve. You may need it to ease

the strength or lower the temperature,

as you were expecting lukewarm.


2 cups water.

Perfect ingredient, and you can find it anywhere. Cooling

and cleansing; it’s just what you need.

But do not use bath water; residue

always remains.



Don’t be crazy! This is the best part. Honey

works well, but I always hated it when he called me sweetie.

Honey takes time. Sugar is my favorite, but it’s unhealthy.

Never accept anything artificial. Your own wits will do.



You must boil first to remove impurities.

Think of it as a ritual. And as the steam rises,

breathe in the moment of one thing changing

into another.


Add a few other things, but keep boiling. You

have everything you need, so the order doesn’t

matter anymore. Just make sure

you never turn up the heat. You certainly

want to avoid open flames and the irreparable

damage they can cause.



Just long enough for things to saturate.


With your compatible cup and strainer, separate the tea

from the shit that’s accumulated at the bottom.

It looks good, and it smells wonderful,

but don’t be fooled. It can

only be used once.


Finally, serve it up the way it deserves.

With lots of froth in an artistic ceramic mug,

Nothing with your college logo or anything with a chip in it.

Avoid anything you acquired while on vacation.

Avoid anything given to you by someone whose

identity is starting to fade away.

The tea deserves a better vessel in which

to reside before it is sure to

be enjoyed by your unconditional fulfillment.



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Asst. Editor: Edith Lazenby/Ed: Bryonie Wise
{Photo: via Pinterest}
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