July 23, 2013

My Heart Is in a Million Pieces. ~ Edith Lazenby {Poem}


photo: Seze Devres



My heart is in a million pieces.

It’s held together by dark matter,

Stuff that holds galaxies together.

No one can see it.

We feel it.

It’s in the ether. It rules the cosmos.

First there was darkness. Love is the gravity

That keeps us all together, even out past

What any eye can see. The spirals spin

Us into wholeness…. waves of light

Making a path with a black hole at center.

My black hole is pouring light out from within.

My black hole cannot take any more in.

My black hole sits between

My dancing soul and singing spirit.

My black hole feeds my heart shards of light

Fills up my eyes with tears

That no longer cry…

My heart’s doors keep opening to close

And closing to open. I know blood flows.

I am writing. There’s feeling somewhere

But think I lost its meaning.

There’s meaning somewhere but

It has no feeling.

Tonight I’d like to be a star.

Then no one would miss me because it would

Take light years to be seen, and light years

To go missing. In that time I could die and rise

A thousand time. But few will know how many times

I have died and fewer still how I always rise.

Yes, if a heart can shatter more than once, more

Than twice, then it can shatter a million times.

I like to say I have 45 lives for each cat

And now I am 54 so think I need a few more lives,

Or maybe I can trade in my heart for one that will

Finally pop or split or simply stop.

I don’t think so though.

I think I am going to live a long time.

And in that time I bet my heart will break

A million more times.


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Ed: B. Bemel

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Read 4 comments and reply

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