July 30, 2013

Psst. Want to run an idea by you: the Elephant Bicycle Supply Family.

Just want to run this by you.

The Elephant Bicycle Supply Family. For your Reading Enjoyment.

elephant starts an arm of our LLC dedicated to connecting bicycles with children

children have to get, say, 40 friends to subscribe to elephant through email lists, door to door, events

then we partner with bike company and buy appropriate bike (as chosen by parents) from their local bike shop (so they get service, connection)

everyone wins—the children, the readers, the bike company, the elephant (if folks stay subscribed–we lose money in short-term)

children wouldn’t be paying. They’d be selling subscriptions (like Ranger Rick, Girl Scout Cookies, Bake Sale)

they would go door to door or use mailing lists and sell subscriptions once they get 20 or 40 we give them a bike (selling through email or facebook is easy, we’re $1/month to read the mindful life, a couple of clicks for those buying)

I think it’s brill

Waylon Lewis

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Read 3 comments and reply

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