August 29, 2013

A Breaking Heart is a Healing Heart.


That which is divided against it wrecks havoc, eventually breaking.

Breaking open—wide—serves as the first step to healing our broken hearts.

Being in the cracked space of vulnerability creates the openness and expanse for healing to occur.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature, especially immersing myself in natural bodies of water.

Being more of water than any other element, when immersed in water, the human body and the water which surrounds it become one. It is from and through water that we are [re]born into the world, time and again.

Discreetly tucked away in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica, as I threw my head back in the river’s water, I invited the pounding waterfall to beat strong and hard against my chest.

That day, as I wandered through nature’s paradise, everywhere I looked, images of hearts presented themselves to me through water formations, rocks and lush green plants.

Initially it stung, like needles piercing into a heart shaped pincushion. Eventually that feeling dissipated, opening me up to an expanse that I’d never felt before.

My soul hungrily embraced the soothing love that Mother Earth’s rivers, streams, waterfalls and oceans delivered. Clear, pristine waters cleansed and healed, while tall and dignified, the surrounding trees bore witness to my release.

In the face of this sacredness, still, rational hesitation and balanced reasoning manifest themselves predictability, whispering distractingly, “yes, but…”

Well, [today] I’m dismissing both of these tired-ass creatures from stunting my divine growth!

Full surround sound is nature’s amphitheater; the symphony of strong, assertive river flow is a baritone, occasional birds chirping lightly take up the position of the treble, while the insects creating a cacophony of sound becomes the background vocals.

Naked, I lay amongst the damp, dark earth, the dried up brown leaves that have fallen from the trees and the lush green ferns in the shape of hearts, reflecting back to me my own.

Stillness has found me and by opening my heart to it, I embrace me, Jamaica, all of what is above and below.

As I close my eyes to go inward I feel more alive than ever before.

Is this my phoenix rising, I ponder, leaving behind a dead carcass that no longer serves me?

Clearer, I re-emerge knowing,

I desire Union
In ways comfortable and appropriate.

I open to dance with another
Knowing that it will take me
To all the places I fear
Some of the places I love.

As many of the places cry out for healing.

I listen with the ears of my heart.

Communicating from a place of self-knowing.

Consciously I give myself away
While knowing how to bring myself back.

Perfectly I am reflected in the mirror that is the other
Beginning my most important journey.

A return to my true self.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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