August 8, 2013

A Stranger Jumps In. {Video} ~ Kristina Peterson

Despite reports by the media, most human beings are still human.

Seems like lately, whenever I turn on the news, all I hear or see is horrific stories about our capacity to torture, maim and kill every other living thing on the planet. I’m not denying there is evil in the world. But there is also an immense amount of good.  People help each other every day. I see it first hand. Strangers jump in and help someone in need. Maybe because it is so common, it’s not really news.

But, maybe it should be.

I stumbled across this story from March of 2013. In a grocery store in Perth, Australia, a woman named Amy Collard brought her baby girl, Shylar, to the checkout counter and begged for help. The toddler wasn’t breathing. As complete strangers try to revive her, she runs out and gets her husband, Michael Narkle. Rowan O’Neill was checking out when Amy brought her daughter over and when other attempts to clear Shylar’s airway fail, he and an unidentified man begin CPR.

What happens next is nothing short of a miracle.

CPR is a life saving skill. Your local Red Cross probably offers classes. Google “CPR Training” for your area and you’ll also find lots of other organizations, public and private, that do low cost classes. It will be time well spent.

Like I’m not spiritual I just practice being a good person on facebook

{Photo: via Kristina Peterson}

Ed: Sara Crolick

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