August 6, 2013

I Am the Universe. ~ Kelsea Erickson

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”~ Walt Whitman

I find it ironic that the infinite always inhabits the finite.

We are infinite consciousness living vicariously through this finite gross body. The profound moments are those when we realize our infinite nature, everlasting peace, and complete unity with everything around us.

Even the things we cannot see with the naked eye, from the stars and galaxies to microorganisms, are nothing but us in other forms. We are so connected to this entire universe, we are the entire universe and we will forever be present in this universe.

How amazing is that?

When looked at this way, I can’t help but feel this pulsating love that surrounds us all, in all moments of our conscious lives.

No matter what I do in this life, I know that I will be happy, peaceful and loving, because I am happiness, peace and love. I am universal intelligence. We all are slices of the same apple, the delicious, sweet fruit of life itself.

The universe does things for a reason or else it wouldn’t be an “intelligence.” Every being we come across, every sound we hear, every thing we see, every surface we feel; they all have significance in our day-to-day life, no matter how mundane the experience is.

If it happened, there is a reason. It could be that the reason is to help us grow, to teach us, to better ourselves, even when the lesson isn’t quite so clear.

It is all pointing us towards the fact that we are all one despite our seemingly separate bodies, and who can let the little things bother them with this kind of penetrating truth?

We are the observers, and everything else is simply observed. We observe our bodies, and our minds, thus we are beyond both of those things. We are ever-present beings in a finite world, simply observing the experiences we have.
Things shouldn’t be labeled with “good” or “bad.”Things simply are what they are. They hold no labels.

When we place these labels on things, it is hard to see past that label. It’s quite obvious that if you start out the day with the attitude of “This is going to be a bad day,” it will truly be a “bad” day to you; full of stress, anger and other negative energies. But the exact same things could happen to someone else, a true observer, and they would simply go about their day without any attachment to any of the events, taking no offense to the trials at hand.

And that is because that person knows that everything simply is what it is; neither good nor bad.

You will find what you want to find in every situation, and what we should aim to find is complete truth, free of any judgment whatsoever.

This is the way to live a peaceful life. We are peaceful beings, because at the core of all of us, we all feel at home when we are full of peace. This is our true nature.

If you have yet to find peace within your life, it is because you are looking externally for it. You have to look within to see the glowing peace inside of you, and then you will illuminate it all around you.

It really is that simple. The trifles of everyday life have no effect on the observer, because the observer effects the observed, not the other way around. We have wandered so far off the trail of the true self that many people in this modern life are stuck in a place where external pleasures can do nothing for them anymore, and they have no idea where to turn.

The answer has always been inside us, and always will be. You just have to search within.

I hope you dare to trust in this universe, because it wants nothing but the best for you.

Just breathe deep, and know each and every breath is significant, is beauty, and is peace.

You are what everything is and that is divine.


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