August 24, 2013

Less is More. ~ Timber Hawkeye

My dad wanted to see what my life was like after years of hearing me talk about simplifying and being a minimalist.

I told him that to truly understand it, he’d have to come live with me for a month, so he did.

He is very much the materialistic consumer, so when he first walked into my little apartment he said, “OMG! You don’t have anything!”

After living with me for a month, however, preparing my meals with me, going for long walks every day, reading, writing, meeting with people one-on-one, and truly tasting the simplicity of my life, he hugged me before boarding his flight back home and said, “There is nothing missing from your life!”

It brought tears to my eyes because he actually got it.

Both his statements were true: I don’t have anything (in the materialistic sense), yet there is nothing missing from my life.

When I shared this particular story on Buddhist Boot Camp’s Facebook page, I received hundreds of wonderful comments from readers who truly understood the significance of that moment with my dad.

Working part-time so that I can live full-time is the best decision I’ve ever made. I don’t feel like I have “sacrificed” a life of “luxury”; I’ve simply exchanged material goods and the illusion of abundance for actual, true bliss.

I moved apartments every six months when I was younger, so I learned not to keep anything that I would later have to pack. No knickknacks, no souvenirs, no “stuff.”

It feels great to be so light and free from any attachment to things.

But if you’re torn about throwing or giving away something that has a memory attached to it, keep in mind that you’re only giving away the object, not the memory.

If you’re worried about not remembering something, take a picture of it (the photo doesn’t take up any room). The past will let go of you if you let go of the past.

Now spread your wings and fly!

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Read 2 comments and reply

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