August 17, 2013

On the Wings of Phoenix Rising: The Sacred Art of Yuan Miao. ~ Lisa Falcone

It is safe to say that Chinese artist Yuan Miao’s life is an expression of the joy and wisdom transmitted to and through her by her divine guardian, Guan Yin.

Author, teacher, yogi and healer, are just a few titles that have been awarded to this extraordinary woman. Now sharing her divine energy with the world through art, Yuan Miao will present a stunning collection of sacred works inspired by Guan Yin, including art made from Miao’s own hair.

For thousands of years throughout Chinese history, Guan Yin has represented the embodiment of maternal compassion and essential wisdom from the universe’s source. Yuan Miao is continuously expressing and reaffirming her devotion and transmission of this heartbeat of energy. It manifests in so many forms through her as an expression of the universe at play with itself.

The universe is smiling through her and we are invited to smile along.

Her first art exhibition in Los Angeles will be held on August 22, 2013 at 7 p.m. at Ethos Gallery. The works presented will include original paintings and never before seen “hair art,” the idea being that the divine energy of the goddess of compassion and wisdom is present in every strand of hair. The series consists of 22 pieces, 7 of which will be displayed in L.A.

She will energize the two “Guan Yin” hair pieces for two months prior to their unveiling, and for this reason, this exclusive art will not be for sale, but will be on display for the benefit of all the viewers that align with this energy. The remainder of the collection will be for sale, and during the opening she will conduct very specific live transmissions to those present and in tune with the energy. The artist will also teach a weekend workshop during her stay in Los Angeles, a series of events and a rare opportunity that should not be missed.

What is the meaning behind the title “On the Wings of Phoenix Rising”?

Miao: We’re all aware that we’re living in a turbulent time with sudden changes in our physical and social environment. Within this great shift comes an opening to make positive changes to our inner environment. As an individual and as a society, we need to embrace the change and be willing to burn through old ways of doing things and discover how to soar on newfound wings. The iconic image of the phoenix, tempered in flame and reborn from ashes, is the perfect metaphor both for the tone of our times and for carrying us into the new future.

What is the focus of the workshop you are offering during your art show?

Miao: The art show and the workshop are both part of the same thing. Everything I do is both an offering to and a transmission from Guan Yin. Through the form of the Shakti paintings and hair art, to the formless sounds of high vibration mantric singing and spoken words, through practical healing, and transformative exercises, this invitation, teaching and transmission is extended in many ways. The workshop will build upon the energetic experience of the art. I will share techniques for achieving and maintaining this high frequency state in mind and body. On the second day we will perform a Guan Yin empowerment. Everyone will have the opportunity to receive a direct transmission from the source.

Why do you feel hair art is so powerful and how did you come up with the concept of hair art?

Miao: When I was little, my Grandmother would often braid my long hair while singing and laughing like a young beauty. She would say, “When I braid your hair, it is xiufa for me. Do you know what xiufa means? It doesn’t mean I’m working on my fa (hair); it means I’m working on fa as in fofa (dharma).” So hair has always had an added importance in my life. Plus, our hair is filled with our energy and life essence developed through our lifetime of experiences as well as the essence of our ancestors. My hair carries the dharma lineage through a long line of devotion and practice. Placing the hair in the art marries the energy of the hair with the imagery of the artwork.

So, the significance of my hair in my life is not new, but the idea to create art with it was not mine. Rather, it came through the dedicated efforts of others. Ten years ago, my dear assistant Dai Dai began collecting strands fallen from my comb. Knowing that there is a long tradition of Chinese hair embroidery dating back over 1,000 years, a student thought to weave my hair into images of Guan Yin. Taking this one step further, I created a series of Shakti line paintings that are now hair stitched and part of this show.

How do you charge your art with energy and why do you feel it’s important?

Miao: “Charging the art” implies some kind of doing, or separation between the art and its creation. When I am painting, I am in a playful yoga state without intention. I draw from the elements—breath becomes wind; wind given form becomes graceful lines. Breath becomes water; water given pigment becomes flowing pools of color. In this fluid and high level meditative state, images reveal themselves and are imbued with energy from the universal source. The paintings themselves are a reminder and calling to our true inner nature, giving people more courage to become bravely conscious and embrace the new Phoenix century.

What is your message to the world that you wish to tell through your art?

Miao: The art is calling us to remind us of our own true inner nature—our home beyond the place we live. The reality is that we are all one. Whether we have yellow hair or black hair, we all come from the same source. The art show and the workshop combined together provide individuals with the tools to clear away old obstacles to make way for the new; to build a foundation of balance with strength, to utilize and ride on the wings of phoenix rising, so that each person has the courage to encounter and transcend the challenges of our time, and yet find peace, joy and harmony within themselves, as well as the wisdom and ability to share it with others.


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