August 20, 2013

This Image Shows How We’re Gonna Change the Whole Big World: {Zen Koan}

Contemplate this. This is how we change the world. This is how we change ourselves.

Now, meditate, without contemplating anything particularly.

Just sit. Sit down for a moment. Really. Physically, sit, if you’re not sitting. Already sitting? Okay. Root your butt bones, you can squnch back and forth, left and right. get your hips level, so you’re neither slumping nor arching your back in a tense way. Now, set your feet gently, evenly on the ground. Scan, from your feet up, breathing and relaxing your body. Lift your shoulders up, back and down, and relax. Find your breath. That’s it.

When you find yourself thinking (we all think, just about constantly, just notice that. Say “thinking” to yourself, silently, just labeling that thought as what it is: “thinking.” It’s neither good nor bad to be thinking, and the thought itself doesn’t matter, in this context. Just notice, touch the thought, and go back to your breath. Breathe. Repeat. Breathe in, breathe out. When you find yourself thinking, notice that, say “thinking,” and return to your breath.

Next time, before the practice, silently bow to yourself and the world in respect and a reminder of our mission; to be of benefit, to be genuine, with joy. This time, after your practice, bow silently to yourself and the world, and dedicate any merit you’ve just created to all others, the world, including yourself.

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