August 20, 2013

What the Hell is Going On in My Life? ~ Larry Schwimmer {Book Review}

“As a young man of 29, my then girlfriend gave me a birthday gift of a reading with an astrologer in Chicago. As a skeptical person who didn’t believe in astrology, my first reaction was: “Girlfriend, why did you waste your money buying me that birthday gift?”

Larry Schwimmer’s latest book explains how to understand the changes that occur in one’s life through the use of astrology—and how to use those changes to your advantage.

As someone that barely reads her daily horoscope, I knew very little about the premise of the book itself, but dove in without expectation.

Schwimmer acknowledges the need for an open mind when first being introduced to astrology. He recounts his initial experience with an astrologer, with much of the time spent thinking on how “nutty” the woman was.

However, as Schwimmer explains in the preface, he left the appointment shocked; the accuracy of the astrologer’s interpretation changed his mind, and he spent the next few years studying astrology and eventually becoming one of the most internationally recognized astrologers.

While the book uses many examples of how celebrities and public figures have used astrology to successfully help with their own goals and aspirations, Schwimmer ensures that an astrologer is not needed. Rather, with the use of a free transit reading (through his website,) we can understand the changes that may be happening in our own lives and how best to take advantage of these cycles.

If this reads like a marketing ploy, it’s because in some ways it does feel like one. While I enjoyed Schwimmer’s amiable tone, sections titled “How Is This Book Going to Make Your Life Better?” and “My Promise to You,” felt as though astrology was trying to be sold to me.

While this part of the book was off-putting, Schwimmer has obviously thoroughly studied astrology and knows a great deal about when to best work on specific areas of your life.

Examples of people who have put these transits to use and received great feedback are generously scattered throughout the book, which serves as a testament to the practicality and potential use of new astrology.

Still doubtful, I decided to try Schwimmer’s free transit for myself. After entering my date of birth, along with the time of my birth (to the best of my knowledge,) I was given five readings that told me when specific planets were in house numbers. Although this may read as confusing to non-astrologers, Schwimmer structures the book so that learning about your various transits, (explained as planetary interactions,) is very accessible.

Will I be making all future decisions based on my transits?

No, I’m not there yet. As Schwimmer states at the end of the book, “Someone once said: “Knowledge is not power. It is the use of knowledge that makes you powerful.”

In order for me to fully understand how to make decisions based on my personal transit readings, I’ll need an astrologer.

Would I recommend reading Schwimmer’s latest book?

Yes, most definitely! Learn about this new astrology (available to anyone,) take the free transit test and try making some decisions based on your own transits.

Whether you’re interested in or apathetic about astrology, planetary interactions and how they may or may not affect your life are fascinating subjects.

If anything, I won’t be needing to read my daily horoscope in the newspaper anymore!

*Note: I was given this book by the publisher and remain unbiased in my review of the author’s work.

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