September 4, 2013

An Open Letter to the Republican Leadership in Congress Regarding Syria.


Dear Sirs,

We don’t see eye to eye on much—I’m what could be called a leftist. I believe in a lot of the things that you’re against, like gay marriage and protecting the environment and taxing wall street speculators.

But, more importantly, I am an anti-war activist—I’m against killing people.

But I have to ask you something because I am quite confused. Why do you believe Obama about Syria? Obama said that the Assad regime used chemical weapons and you believe him in his assertion that we need to act. Why?

When he said he was born in America, some of you didn’t believe him.

When he said he was not a Muslim, some of you didn’t believe him.

When he said we needed the healthcare reform now known as Obamacare, you didn’t believe him.

When he said we needed to limit greenhouse gas emissions to curb global warming, you didn’t believe him.

When he said we needed Wall Street reform, you didn’t believe him.

But now, you do? He says the Assad regime used chemical weapons and we can’t go through the UnitedNations to deal with it. And you believe him?

Why is it that you waited until he said that what we need to do is kill people to get on board?

Why do you believe him about this, but assume he was being dishonest about global warming?

What if the rebels were the ones that used the chemical weapons? What if the evidence for the chemical weapons was faked somehow?

It’s an assumption that Assad’s regime used the weapons. We don’t know. We don’t know. A bombing campaign might not be the best way to find out. The fact that the United Nations doesn’t support this action should matter.

Shouldn’t it?

We have had two recent wars that we rushed into. Both of them resulted in a lot of casualties and an enormous financial burden that we are still wrestling with today.

Should we rush into this? Why not work through the United Nations?

Be voices of reason.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.


A Concerned Citizen


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Ed: Bryonie Wise



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