November 17, 2013

Finding Your Personal Magic. ~ Kiersten Figurski

You already have exactly what you need. You do.

It is in me and in you.

Studies show, over and over again, what we already know:

Be grateful for what you have.

Count your blessings.

It will make you happy.

It sounds so simple—and it is.

So start.

Where are you seated? Is there something nice about your seat? Do you like your socks? Are you cross legged and comfortable on the red leather bar stool at your kitchen counter? Do you enjoy the sunlight on the table? Can you feel the warmth on your jammied legs?

Are the orange leaves that you brought back from New York, on your fridge, still brilliant—how does the color orange feel? Do you remember picking them from the tree with your daughter and laughing?

The chicken soup in the crock-pot smells so good in the house. Is there butter melting next to you and some salt? Are you imagining it on your crispy toast… how does that feel? How does it taste?

Are the red geraniums on your windowsill perky? Is the stack of books on your couch inviting? Are you so glad they are there? Is that coffee steaming? Your tea mug warm on your chilly fingers?

Are your clothes fresh out of the laundry? Smelling so clean? Savor the warmth in your arms as you walk to put them on your bed.

Are your hands warm in the soapy water as you wash your dishes from last night? Does the lavender soap nurture you this morning?

Spend a few seconds—maybe even a minute with each moment you find pleasurable.

As soon as you notice a second of joy—expand it. Feel it. Take the moment to really revel in it, bathe and immerse yourself in the warm water of the enjoyment.

This creates deeper and deeper neural pathways of happiness. You train your mind this way. It starts to happen without your consciousness being involved. If you do it every day, all the time and on purpose, soon your brain will find itself noticing the fabulousness it is surrounded with all by itself.

Before you eat dinner. Before you go to sleep. As you have lunch. Write down three things. Just three. “I am grateful for…” or “I love…”

Frequently you won’t be able to stop at three. Sometimes you will have to be grateful for your tears. But find the joy somewhere small.

Find your own sweet magic.

It is right here.


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Assist Editor: Sanja Cloete-Jones / Editor: Catherine Monkman

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