November 16, 2013

If These Commercials Don’t Sell Condoms, I Don’t Know What Will. {Explicit Video}

*Warning: Graphic Language Alert!

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In the recent GLYDE America: Ethical and Vegan Condoms viral video campaign, that is exactly what the beautiful young woman dressed in lingerie says seductively to the camera.

While this may be a little edgy, it is exactly the kind of campaign that leaves an impression on an audience overwhelmed daily by an abundance of shocking content. Not one of the three videos would ever be allowed to air on television, but they were embraced online immediately after posting, receiving over 100,000 views in their first 48 hours online. It’s just not the kind of campaign people have come to expect from the eco-friendly, ethical business world.

“We’ve found ourselves in this unique position where because we have a growing audience online, there continue to be more opportunities for us to monetize, but our relationship with our viewers is so personal, we feel passionately that we should be using our work to promote businesses that we actually believe in,” said Mitch Lewis, one-third of the creative team.

“The beauty of creating videos online is that we are allowed to go much further with the jokes than we would in traditional media. With GLYDE, we knew we could push the envelope a bit while perfectly articulating the values of the company,” added Greg Washburn, another third of the team.

It’s possible that this kind of forward thinking will catch on with other businesses in the “green space,” if they are bold enough to follow suit.

“No one wants to be beat over the head with guilt to buy products that are good for the planet, and it’s time for B-corps and other ethical businesses to loosen up and realize they will reach far more people through playful irreverence,” shared Nik Kazoura, the final third of The Kloons.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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