November 20, 2013

Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.

I am still reeling from the full moon, a string of eclipses, retrogrades up the wazoo and the sensations of reminiscing about past stuff that has thankfully gone out the door.

Finding words to put on paper during the final stretch of a huge project does not come easy, and I’m so glad for that as well.

Why choose to sidestep the difficult and challenging simply to get it done? I’m savoring these last few months of 2013 because this year has been the most compelling for me in every sense of the word. From guided steps to painstaking missteps, revisiting old patterns in gaining acceptance of new behaviors puts all the months of hard work into shining perspective.

What seemed rather ordinary at the time back in January, February and through early spring, is now taking shape as somewhat extraordinary.

I’ve gone from a complicated scenario in love and romance (pretty ordinary in this world) to my own version of a soulful transformation with another human being (definitely feels extraordinary for a wanderlust person, such as myself) chock full of every crack being saturated with our wills tested and our emotions exploding into hardcore realizations.

We all have those opportunities where it is extremely tempting to give up hope. We can often feel as though there is no forest through the trees. But, if never giving up means succumbing to situations less than pleasant for the sake of compromise and sacrifice, I think I opt for it due to the lessons and growth. I have bundles of gratitude for mentors, angels in disguise, the closest of soul sisters, and that one person who continues to show me why this year has been the most dramatic and the most fulfilling.

Okay, cue in the fuzzy feelings now because here is a gratitude list for the final stretch of this year.

I wanted to hold back until closer to the holidays, but the frenzy alone of what goes down during that time frame doesn’t exactly leave enough room for those who deserve to be recognized. These are the people who give their best, expect nothing in return, and never let up on who they are down to the core.

1. Best Friends.

There are those friends who, over the years, continue to wow and amaze and astound with their honesty, loyalty, and die-hard understanding of what I go through on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These types unconditionally stick with us through thick and thin. Sometimes there are those friends who travel different paths, but at some point, you never left off from the communication and the relationship. If you have that friend in your life, and we all have them, cherish every moment.

Call them, write a letter, or visit often. If you can count your closest friends on one hand, I’d say you are doing something right. They started off as ordinary acquaintances, and became extraordinary companions.

2. Inspirational Beings.

I have a bevy of these in my world, and I can always count on each and every one to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary moment. What they write, how they say what they say, what they put into action, transforming lives with art, enlightening with music, traveling the world and sharing photographs, these people never disappoint.

They are the inspirational beings who make a difference through their own unique mediums of work and play. I’m not even sure if any of them were ever ordinary, but they are most extraordinary in my book, and I’m forever grateful. Whoever inspires you, let them know right away. It brings incredible fulfillment to their hearts.

3. Dogs.

Yes, dogs.

I have a cool side job working with some amazing four-legged creatures every month. Not only am I allowed to take care of them for long periods of time, but they astound me with their extraordinariness every single second. Some were simply ordinary from the onset, but it was our bond and our consistent feelings of easygoing natures that allowed the shining spirit to come through.

These dogs teach me more about myself than I could ever imagine. I care for small ones, rebellious ones, I had an 8-week old puppy for a stretch at one time (that one was way too difficult to surrender back to the guardians), large extra furry ones, crinkly-faced ones, older ones, gregarious ones, and without a doubt, the nicest and truest people behind each dog I encounter.

All of these dogs resonate with me so much. I was the ordinary one prior to this job. They granted me with a reason to feel extraordinary by showing me so much love and trust. Dogs (and cats) just have that way about them. Give a dog your heart, and he will give you his (or hers) forever.

That’s it, my three-point gratitude list of who and what has solidified a life of purpose and passion.

That big project sitting on my desk in the “ready to go” file pales in comparison to the above beings in my life. If anything, creating this list further perpetuates why I do what I do and who I am down to my very core. It’s time to move past all the stagnation of past months, shower in the glory of the holidays and work my butt off to make things happen.

Thanks, Universe.

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 Editor: Catherine Monkman

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