December 22, 2013

10 Ways to Keep Going No Matter What.

Measuring up is one thing.

Feeling confident is another.

Time is an intriguing teacher. When young we dream big and fall hard. With time, if we’re able, we keep dreaming but set our sights closer to the probable.

I like to say anything is possible just not everything.

And in time we find out what we’re made of  because the challenges come and we crumble or fall and choose how we get up . We wake up knowing who we are or stuttering on our confusion and insecurities. We embrace change or run from it. We learn to go with the flow or we struggle to find what feels when and where.

Our skin maybe grows a few layers. Our heart softens in the center and finds a way to bar the blows from piercing what’s tender.

Basically we meet the self in so many circumstances we cannot fool ourselves anymore.

We find out what are strengths are and where our weaknesses lie. We struggle. We learn. We grow.

I have learned in my life that I am not the best and not the worst. I am good at a few things, like teaching and writing, but I am not great. I am smart as most people I meet. I am open and caring and strive to help others.

I strive toward honesty with self and others. I strive to love.

And to be honest hurt feelings are the least of my worries today though I am not immune.

These are the tools I use most every day:

  1. Gratitude. I remember to be grateful for family, friends, students and my various jobs. I remember to be grateful for my health.
  2. I do my best knowing it won’t always be good enough for everyone. But I know if I do my best that’s the least I can do.
  3. I embrace forgiveness every step of the way because most everyone else is doing their best as well.
  4. I remain curious about other people and open to new friends.
  5. I don’t give up on what I want.
  6. I feed my hope.
  7. I continue to dream.
  8. I go with the flow and embrace the moment.
  9. I try new things.
  10. I go out of my way to help others.

So I find the only thing that makes me an exception is many of life’s rules don’t apply to me.

These rules do apply though: I find the one person I have to live with is me. I find as long as I am willing to find out who I am as I go along and live with my own truths and live life on life’s terms, I will be alright.



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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Flicker Creative Commons

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